My Fault (Culpa Mía) Book Summary, Review and Characters, Mercedes Ron


What is the summary of the book My Fault (Culpa Mía) written by Mercedes Ron? Information about the summary, characters and analysis of My Fault (Culpa Mía).

My Fault (Culpa Mía)

My Fault (Culpa Mía)

“My Fault” is a young adult contemporary romance novel written by Mercedes Ron, a Spanish author. The book was published in 2017 and gained significant popularity among readers.

The central theme of “My Fault” revolves around love, forgiveness, and self-discovery. The story explores the complex and intense relationship between the two main characters, Dylan and Chris, and delves into the themes of guilt, redemption, and personal growth.

Book Summary

“My Fault” follows the story of Dylan, a seemingly perfect young girl who has a great life. She excels academically, is popular among her peers, and has a loving boyfriend. However, her life takes an unexpected turn when she encounters Chris, a mysterious and alluring boy with a troubled past.


Dylan is immediately drawn to Chris’s enigmatic personality, and they develop a passionate and intense relationship. Despite the initial excitement, Dylan soon discovers a secret about Chris that threatens their connection. The revelation creates a rift between them, forcing Dylan to question her own judgment and the choices she has made.

As the story progresses, Dylan and Chris navigate the complexities of their relationship, which becomes filled with challenges, conflicts, and emotional turmoil. They must confront their individual pasts, their own personal demons, and the mistakes they have made. Guilt and the struggle for redemption play significant roles in their journey.

Throughout the narrative, Dylan and Chris are faced with difficult choices and must come to terms with their actions. They embark on a path of self-discovery, seeking forgiveness and healing for themselves and each other. Their love for one another becomes a catalyst for growth, allowing them to evolve and learn important life lessons.

“My Fault” explores themes of love, forgiveness, self-reflection, and personal growth. It delves into the complexities of human relationships, the consequences of our actions, and the power of second chances. The story highlights the transformative nature of love and the strength that can be found in embracing one’s mistakes and learning from them.


“My Fault” features several main characters who play pivotal roles in the story. The following are some of the prominent characters:

  • Dylan: She is the protagonist of the story, a seemingly perfect young woman with an enviable life. She is smart, popular and has a loving boyfriend. However, her life changes when she meets Chris and becomes involved in a tumultuous relationship with him.
  • Chris: He is Dylan’s romantic interest and a mysterious character. He has a troubled past that holds secrets that threaten his relationship with Dylan. Throughout the story, he is faced with the need to redeem himself and find forgiveness.
  • Emily: She is Dylan’s best friend. She provides emotional support to Dylan during the ups and downs of his relationship with Chris. Emily is loyal and supportive, and their friendship plays an important role in the development of the plot.
  • Liam: He is Dylan’s boyfriend at the beginning of the story. He is a kind and caring guy, but their relationship is affected by Chris’ appearance in Dylan’s life.

These are just a few of the prominent characters in “My Fault.” The novel may also feature other secondary characters that contribute to the development of the plot and interpersonal relationships in the story.


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