Use position in a sentence

Use position in a sentence. How to use the word position in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word position. How to use “position” with example sentences

Definition of position

Examples of position in a sentence

*** The group has taken a militant position on the issue of abortion and refuses to compromise.

*** The effects of aberration and delay are also taken into account when calculating the impulse phase, the angle of castability and the angle of position.

*** The parameter of position, speed, direction and acceleration of the micro robot is solved in real time.

*** Our client is a multinational company, they are looking for people of caliber to cover the position.

*** Conclusion: by providing intervention in body position and the use of an improved posture mat, headache, lumbodorsal pain and vomiting can be reduced or avoided in patients undergoing thyroid surgery.

*** a firm and consistent position to realize denuclearization of the Peninsula through dialogue and consultation.

*** The seat is also an ottoman to offer another relaxing position.

*** The board of directors unanimously agreed that Mr. White was the best candidate for the position.

*** We have abstained without unduly damaging our position in Africa.

*** He spent his last years defending England’s position in France.

*** In advising the client, the attorney is bound to exercise reasonable care and diligence and to conduct himself as one holding a position of highest trust and confidence.

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