Use Moment in a Sentence, How to use “Moment” in a sentence


Use Moment in a sentence. How to use the word Moment in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Moment. Sentence for Moment.

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Examples of moment in a sentence

  1. For the moment we would be on Digitalyes and Solsea.
  2. For a moment I was surprised to realize that she felt a lot for him, that he was organizing an appointment.
  3. When an image of a musk deer is shown, people will surely be surprised for a moment.
  4. Valverde knew how to assemble a team that survived the departure of Neymar and has not missed for the moment the intended Griezmann.
  5. For the moment, that bite in your pocket has not affected the family economy, because your three children are already working.
  6. But in that vital moment they do not ask themselves if what they live is love or friendship, they live every moment in the present, in the tangible.
  7. Air France, a global airline of French inspiration, with high standards and quality care, turns the flight into a moment of true pleasure in all its daily operations in France, Europe and around the world.
  8. We’ve all had it, that moment of panic when someone goes rummaging around in the drawer where you keep your sex toys.
  9. At the moment, four types of land have already been discovered by brave explorers of Dalarnia and more remains to be visited.

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