Chinese Zodiac Characteristics of the Dragon


Do you believe in the Chinese horoscope? What does dragon mean according to the chinese zodiac sign? How is the dragon description in the Chinese zodiac sign?

Chinese Zodiac Characteristics of the Dragon

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The Dragon of the Chinese Horoscope

  • Chinese Name of the Dragon: Long
  • Dragon influence time: between 7:00 and 9:00 in the morning
  • Year of the Dragon season: end of Spring
  • Month of influence of the Dragon: April
  • Element of the Dragon: Earth
  • Ascending: Ascending Dragon
  • Aspect of the Dragon: yang
  • Stone of the Dragon: Amethyst
  • Planet of the Dragon: Saturn
  • Dragon Color: Black and Gold
  • Sign of the equivalent zodiac: Aries
  • Compatible with the Dragon: Rat and Monkey
  • Personality of the Dragon: ambitious, charismatic, noble, magnanimous and powerful; He can also be ruthless, arrogant, despotic and intolerant.

Characteristics of the Dragon according to the Chinese Horoscope

The Dragon symbolizes power and wealth; it is the sign of the emperor of China; charming and bright, it dismisses vitality, strength and attracts with magnetism and extravagance. People born under the influence of the Dragon captivate by their personal charisma and are accompanied by good luck. They are especially attracted to strange and exotic things.

They are active and interested in the world around them; they love to participate in causes of great importance. The Dragon can achieve great dreams if he manages to master his imagination and channel his enormous energy to prosecute some of the many projects that occur to him, mostly unrealizable. If your energy, intelligence and talent find the right way they can get great results; for example you can use your great ability to predict trends.

Attracted by the occult, the theater and all the arts, it is very wasteful and always lives beyond its possibilities. His greatest weakness is his egocentricity, superficiality and his need to be the center of attention. He gets angry when he stumbles upon someone who does not fall for his charms. Little altruistic, it costs to put in the place of the other, lacking of patience, intolerant and committing errors of judgment, can be very unpleasant in front of the pain of the other.

The Dragon’s fortune is manifested in his incredible impudence to remain indifferent in the face of events and to remain firm in his goals to find success. It stands out in originality and independence; its best field is the motivation of work and lending itself to the competition to impose its opinion; that will always be contrary to that of others. He will look for a way to face his own business, because he does not like to need anyone at work. His frankness and abrupt sincerity accompanied by a great idealism make him a Utopian and dreamer Dragon.

The Dragons can fall well and they are loved with madness or falling ill and they are detested with suspicion; there are no middle terms; who wants to share life with one of them should think about providing explosive emotions and make him feel unique. If you have to admire, you will fall in love, but when the affection ends, the relationship will also end.

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