National Take Your Cat to Work Day, Celebrating Feline Companionship in the Workplace


Discover the joy of National Take Your Cat to Work Day and learn why people love this special occasion. Explore the activities, benefits, and ways to strengthen the bond with your feline friend.

National Take Your Cat to Work Day

National Take Your Cat to Work Day is a lighthearted observance that encourages cat owners to bring their feline companions to their workplace for a day. This unofficial holiday, typically celebrated on the following day after the official “Take Your Dog to Work Day,” is intended to raise awareness about cats, promote their well-being, and strengthen the bond between cats and their owners.

During National Take Your Cat to Work Day, individuals are encouraged to bring their cats to their workplaces, assuming it is a safe and cat-friendly environment. The day often involves various activities and events to engage both employees and their feline friends. These may include cat-themed decorations, designated play areas, catnip toys, and even cat grooming services. Cat owners can also take this opportunity to educate their coworkers about responsible pet ownership, the benefits of having a cat, and the importance of creating a cat-friendly work environment.

It’s important to note that while National Take Your Cat to Work Day can be a fun and engaging experience, not all workplaces are suitable for cats. Factors such as allergies, safety hazards, and company policies should be taken into consideration before deciding to bring a cat to work. Additionally, cats should be properly supervised and provided with their essential needs, including food, water, litter boxes, and a comfortable space to rest.


Ultimately, National Take Your Cat to Work Day serves as a light-hearted celebration to bring joy, companionship, and the love of cats into the workplace, fostering a positive and inclusive atmosphere for both humans and their furry friends.

When is National Take Your Cat to Work Day

National Take Your Cat to Work Day is typically celebrated on the Monday following the official “Take Your Dog to Work Day,” which is observed on the Friday following Father’s Day. Therefore, National Take Your Cat to Work Day is generally held on the Monday immediately after the third Sunday in June. However, it’s worth noting that National Take Your Cat to Work Day is not an officially recognized holiday and may vary in its observance from year to year or depending on individual workplaces. It’s always a good idea to check with your employer or do some research to see if your workplace participates in this event and to confirm the specific date for each year.

National Take Your Cat to Work Day Activities

National Take Your Cat to Work Day activities can vary depending on the workplace and the preferences of the participants. Here are some fun and engaging activities that cat owners can consider for this special day:

  1. Cat Costume Contest: Encourage employees to dress up their cats in creative and adorable costumes. Organize a contest where coworkers can vote for the best-dressed cat. Offer small prizes or treats for the winners.
  2. Cat Photo Booth: Set up a designated area with props and backdrops where employees can take photos with their cats. This allows for fun and memorable moments while creating a lasting memento of the day.
  3. Cat Agility Course: Create a small agility course with tunnels, hurdles, and toys for cats to play and interact with. This can provide entertainment for both cats and coworkers as they watch the feline participants navigate the course.
  4. Cat Toys and Treats: Provide a selection of interactive toys and treats for the cats to enjoy during the day. This can include puzzle toys, feather wands, catnip toys, and treats that engage their natural instincts and keep them entertained.
  5. Cat-Themed Decorations: Decorate the workplace with cat-themed decorations such as banners, balloons, and wall decals. This creates a festive and visually appealing atmosphere for the day.
  6. Cat Adoption Drive: Collaborate with local animal shelters or rescue organizations to set up an adoption drive at the workplace. This provides an opportunity for employees to learn about cat adoption, interact with adoptable cats, and potentially give a loving home to a shelter cat.
  7. Cat Education Sessions: Arrange short presentations or workshops on topics related to cat care, behavior, and well-being. Invite experts or veterinarians to share valuable insights and answer questions from cat owners.
  8. Cat Relaxation Area: Designate a quiet and comfortable area where cats can relax and retreat if they feel overwhelmed. Provide cozy beds, blankets, and scratching posts to create a calming environment.
  9. Cat-Related Contests and Games: Organize cat trivia quizzes, guessing games, or even a “guess the breed” contest. This encourages participation and adds a fun element to the day.
  10. Cat Donations: Encourage employees to bring in donations for local cat shelters or rescue organizations. Items such as cat food, litter, toys, and bedding can greatly benefit these organizations and the cats in their care.

Remember to ensure that any activities planned are safe, considerate of allergies and sensitivities, and align with the policies and guidelines of the workplace.

Why We Love National Take Your Cat to Work Day

There are several reasons why people love National Take Your Cat to Work Day. Here are a few:

  1. Strengthening the Bond: Bringing your cat to work allows you to spend more time with your furry companion and strengthens the bond between you. It’s an opportunity to create shared experiences and deepen the connection between you and your cat.
  2. Reducing Stress: Cats have a calming and soothing presence. Having them around can help reduce stress levels in the workplace. Interacting with cats, petting them, and watching them play can provide a much-needed break from work-related pressures.
  3. Promoting Happiness and Well-being: Cats are known to have a positive impact on mental and emotional well-being. Their presence can boost mood, increase happiness, and create a positive work environment. National Take Your Cat to Work Day brings joy and laughter to the workplace, fostering a more enjoyable and uplifting atmosphere.
  4. Raising Awareness about Cats: This day serves as an opportunity to raise awareness about cats as pets and their unique qualities. It allows coworkers who may not have cats of their own to experience the joy and companionship that cats can bring. It can also help dispel any misconceptions or stereotypes about cats.
  5. Fostering a Cat-Friendly Environment: National Take Your Cat to Work Day encourages workplaces to create a cat-friendly environment. This may involve implementing policies that support pet ownership, establishing designated cat areas, or even considering pet-friendly office spaces. It promotes a culture of inclusivity and recognizes the importance of pets in people’s lives.
  6. Encouraging Responsible Pet Ownership: By celebrating this day, employers and employees can engage in conversations about responsible pet ownership. Discussions can revolve around topics such as proper cat care, spaying/neutering, vaccinations, and the importance of providing a safe and stimulating environment for cats.
  7. Building Camaraderie and Team Spirit: Sharing the experience of bringing cats to work can foster a sense of camaraderie among employees. It creates opportunities for socializing, bonding, and building relationships with coworkers who have a shared love for cats.
  8. Supporting Animal Welfare: National Take Your Cat to Work Day can be an occasion to support animal welfare causes. This may involve organizing fundraisers, adoption drives, or volunteering activities to benefit local cat shelters and rescue organizations. It promotes compassion and encourages giving back to the feline community.

Overall, National Take Your Cat to Work Day is loved because it combines the joy of having cats in the workplace, promotes well-being, and celebrates the special bond between humans and their feline companions.


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