What is National Poinsettia Day (December 12) and Activities


That splash of floral color in everyone’s home means the holidays are just around the corner.

National Poinsettia Day, December 12, also forms a cultural bridge between the United States and Mexico. Poinsettias, known as Euphorbia Pulcherrima, come in hundreds of beautiful colors. Even if you have a limited Christmas decorating budget, strategically placed poinsettias can enhance your home in a number of ways. Bottom line: What’s a party without a beautiful poinsettia on the mantle?

What is National Poinsettia Day (December 12) and Activities

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2002 – Congress creates National Poinsettia Day
The House passed a measure recognizing National Poinsettia Day and the contributions of Paul Ecke, the founder of the American poinsettia industry.

1600s: Poinsettias first appeared in print
The Spanish botanist Juan Balme made reference to the poinsettia plant in his writings, calling it by its Aztec name, Cuitlaxochitl, which means “star flower.”

1300s: the Aztecs used poinsettias
Poinsettia plants were prized by the Aztecs for producing a vibrant red tint.

What is National Poinsettia Day (December 12) and Activities

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Make a flower punch
Yes, there is something called Poinsettia Punch, and what’s more, it’s delicious and easy to make. Mix 14 ounces of cranberry juice with 20 ounces of ginger ale. Add a dash of lemon juice for a citrusy touch. Then there are glasses everywhere and a toast to National Poinsettia Day.

Decorate with poinsettia-inspired designs
Bring out your hidden side of DIY and use poinsettias to inspire holiday designs throughout your home. Gather your kids and friends to make unusual poinsettia-themed cutouts for your Christmas tree. Make poinsettias from stained glass, sand dollars, or other unusual materials. You are only limited by your imagination.

Visit your local botanical gardens.
It’s a perfect way to celebrate National Poinsettia Day. Not only will you be amazed by the amazing varieties of your favorite Christmas flower, but the calm environment will do wonders for your blood pressure. Let the poinsettias shine for you during the holidays.


King Montezuma adored them
The legendary Aztec king believed that poinsettia sap reduced fever, so he had caravans deliver the flowers to him in what is now Mexico City.

There are hundreds of varieties and colors.
Since the most popular poinsettia color is red, you might be surprised to learn that among the current 100 varieties of poinsettia, Gold Rush and Christmas Beauty Marble are the latest hot new colors.

They are harmless
Contrary to popular opinion, poinsettias are not poisonous, but it’s still a good idea to keep them away from pets because the plants can cause an upset stomach and, in some cases, vomiting.

What is National Poinsettia Day (December 12) and Activities

Source : Pixabay.com

They are bestsellers
The poinsettia industry abounds in their plants because they are the best-selling potted plant in both the US and Canada.

They are perennial
Poinsettias can bloom after the holidays, but you have to do a lot of work during the spring and summer to get them to do so.

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