Solecism in a Sentence

How to use the word Solecism in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Solecism.

Examples of Solecism in a sentence

*** Such solecisms–presumably driven by a desire to appear learned–impoverish the language.

*** Can help you in the english some points, can correct your solecism, but that is not good for your regular writting.

*** In the New York I have been reproached, impatiently even, for not being online, as if this was a serious solecism.

*** Donald commits many solecisms.

*** Any person who commits solecism to speak or write about the class in the United States is immediately attacked by a problem of definition.

*** At the beginning, this document analyzes and identifies solecism based on the counting of strategies during the bibliography of the period of the states at war.

*** Maybe this blog has a lot of imprecision and solecism, therefore, if you specialize in English, help me to correct it, thank you!

*** But it is still a tremendous solecism to speak publicly about drug use unless you are a recovering addict who wants to educate impressionable young people about their dangers.

*** When people say: “I looked for it in Bing”, they are committing a solecism.

*** An observation of the students will not be academically lagged or students of solecism.


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