Use Over in a Sentence – How to use “Over” in a sentence


Use Over in a sentence. How to use the word Over in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Over. Sentence for Over.

Evolutionary biology As its name suggests, evolutionary biology is linked to the concept of biological evolution: the gradual change of life as it adapts to the conditions of its environment and competes with itself. This branch of biology is interested in these processes of change and adaptation, establishing kinship links between species (phylogeny) and trying to understand better and better the processes that lead to the origin of new species (speciation). This is also a very young branch of biology, whose origins date back to the first third of the 20th century, when hitherto unrelated fields of study (ecology, genetics, paleontology, and systemics) were holistically united to formulate the Synthesis. Julian Huxley's Modern Understanding of Understanding, that is, the most modern view that we have about how the evolutionary event occurs. Genetics This is the science that studies heredity, that is, the transmission of physical or physiological characteristics from one generation of living beings to the next, through units of biological information known as genes. For this, its main objects of study are Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) and Ribonucleic Acid (RNA), two of the main substances involved in the coding and decoding of genetic information. Genetics is a very broad field of study, which addresses inheritance from multiple perspectives: population, cytological, molecular, etc. Its applications, moreover, are always controversial but impressive, as evidenced by transgenic foods, cloning or messenger RNA vaccines. Developmental biology This branch focuses on the understanding of the embryological formation process of living beings, that is, how a totally new individual is formed from the reproductive cells of their parents. This process encompasses a set of recognizable stages in which various genetic controls of cell growth and differentiation are involved, as the various tissues that make up the body originate. Developmental biology has common borders with embryology and reproductive studies, so its contributions can be revolutionary in the fields of medicine, the handling of domestic animals or genetics. Biotechnology Biotechnology is the study of the applications of living organisms in the improvement of human life. That is, how we can take advantage of the processes and functions of other living beings to carry out different tasks: generate medicines from microorganisms (as happened with the discovery of penicillin), transform substances into food (as yeasts do with bread), and many other similar examples. Astrobiology As a result of the union of interests between biology and astronomy, this discipline tries to answer the question about life in the universe, that is, beyond the borders of our world. It is not about the search for extraterrestrial life, nor about ufology, but about the study of chemical and physical processes that occur in space and the attempt to compare them with what we know about the formation of life on the planet, in order to try to better understand how it could have arisen and why, and perhaps where else to look for it in the vastness of space.

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Examples of Over in a sentence

  1. It is grilled over an open fire.
  2. We thought perhaps the cooking was being done over open fires
  3. Today, WordPress powers over 72 million different websites around the globe.
  4. The key is not to live over your means and overdo it.
  5. I have been given the authority over you, and I am not the best of you.
  6. All except one , who invited me over to bake chocolate chip cookies
  7. The relocation would be made gradually over the coming decade.
  8. Chrome aluminum wheels became standard equipment over plastic hubcaps.
  9. Warm smiles play over the faces of the grannies as the meenister cavorts.
  10. The Police Division responds to over 11,000 calls for service annually.
  11. Along with over 300,000 annual calls for service , only 2% of which are wildland fires.
  12. They process, on average, over 600,000 calls and dispatch over 190,000 calls for service per year.
  13. Finally I got over the procrastinatory activation barrier and called the company to have a new number issued.
  14. Passive returns are an exciting proposition and are becoming a point of difference over legacy financial products.
  15. Somehow, my most comfortable feeling has been to be a stranger who enters, but over the years I have tired of that and I am ready to feel at home.
  16. We thank the Death Community for being so supportive over the time since creation and look forward to a lot to come in the future of Death.
  17. Since 22nd Oct 2021, the day we started our crowdloan, we’ve raised over $100 million USD worth of KSM from more than 25,634 contributors.
  18. Over each month, the number of activities in a mine will be measured — for instance, the number of new miners that joined the mine, the amount of minerals being unearthed etc.


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