Chinese Zodiac Characteristics of the Dog


Do you believe in the Chinese horoscope? What does dog mean according to the chinese zodiac sign? How is the dog description in the Chinese zodiac sign?

Chinese Zodiac Characteristics of the Dog

The Chinese Horoscope Dog

  • Chinese Name of the Dog: Gou
  • Time of influence of the dog: between 19:00 and 21:00 in the afternoon
  • Dog year season: end of Autumn
  • Month of influence of the Dog: October
  • Element of the Dog: Earth
  • Ascending: Dog Ascending
  • Aspect of the Dog: yin
  • Stone of the Dog: Diamond
  • Planet of the Dog: Saturn
  • Dog Color: Navy blue, orange and red
  • Equivalent zodiac sign: Libra
  • Compatible with the Dog: The Horse and the Tiger
  • Personality of the Dog: Loyal, honest, modest, eloquent, intelligent, versatile, playful, kind, faithful, obedient, instinctive and organizer …

Characteristics of the Dog according to the Chinese Horoscope

The person born under the influence of this animal is altruistic and with great empathy; especially with the most needy or those who have suffered some kind of injustice, react quickly and courageously. His friends know that they can trust him, no one more appropriate to keep confidences or stay at the bottom of the canyon in the face of a crisis. The Dogs were born to provide happiness, support and advice.

Its qualities are honesty, loyalty and fidelity; they move according to their firm ethical principles, becoming the most conservative animal of the Chinese horoscope. He does not like surprises and sudden changes. He has a great sense of collaboration and justice. The people around him trust him fully.

He suffers from sudden mood swings, to calm down and recover he isolates himself. To recharge the batteries nothing better than sunny afternoons, evenings in nature, a good book and everything that helps you relax. Protector with your family, always have a tip to give and know how to share your problems with your partner. He suffers depressive periods, due to his pessimism and melancholy, his closest beings when trying to help him can be dragged and see everything black like them. The different everyday situations go through a quick, critical and impulsive analysis and always directed towards the worst, can not think positive; He does the same with his life, which he considers as a penance where there is no rest.


Deeply insightful for business, he has the ability and caution to penetrate the truth that motivates his interlocutor. They can intuit the solutions immediately, but they have no weapons to defend their position and explain the reasons for doing so.

Her Achilles heel is feelings, she possessively wants to share everything she does with her partner, she finds it hard to believe that she is worthy of being loved and is always waiting for the relationship to end or for the other to get tired and leave her. He needs to feel loved, cared for, pampered and protected. In love he is not too passionate, worries and daily tasks occupy all his time and his mind; It’s hard for him to relax and if they do not feel enamored, they will continue in the relationship trying to get ahead and faithful to his oath. Very stubborn, requires that the other person look through the same lock, living with them is somewhat overwhelming.

It gives a high value to traditions; it does not tolerate that they question or put themselves in danger, they take out their fierceness to defend their moral and ethical principles, from extreme positions, they always take sides.

The Dog only moves guided by the sense of duty, “What should be done”, will never leave home without having finished his obligations, even if he has to get up at dawn to leave everything as expected; there is nothing that can take you away from your duty, not even your ambition. But eye the Dog does not look for great achievements, does not pretend wonders either; his search resides in the hidden and mysterious.

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