Use Directed in a Sentence – How to use “Directed” in a sentence


Use Directed in a sentence. How to use the word Directed in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Directed. Sentence for Directed.

Use Direct in a Sentence - How to use "Direct" in a sentence


Examples of directed in a sentence

  1. A warm smile , a flash of bright teeth, directed at her.
  2. Near the end of World War II he directed the U.S. Strategic Bombing Survey in London.
  3. Treatment: Migraine treatment is directed largely at control of headache.
  4. The efforts of industrial medicine are directed to early diagnosis and prevention.
  5. He directed those in positions of responsibility to be open and supportive.
  6. In addition to answering calls for service , they work traffic enforcement and directed patrolling.
  7. Its applications are directed towards the construction industry, below, we break down some of the most common functions of this unit.
  8. The music video for “Little 15” was directed by Martyn Atkins, who had done previous design work for the band.
  9. After 1951, his efforts were principally directed toward a causal and deterministic conception of microscopic phenomena.
  10. Minerva had assisted Cadmus in this combat, and when it was ended she directed him to plant the teeth of the dragon in the ground.
  11. In his first season he directed Falstaff and a compelling new Salome production directed by Robert Carsen.
  12. A world authority on typhus, he isolated the germ of certain types of the fever and directed the work of preparing and mass-producing vaccine against it.
  13. One reason in fact why Beechnut had directed Stuyvesant not to open his note until he should reach the cars, was to give him something to occupy his attention and amuse his thoughts on first going away from home.
  14. The course of the little fleet was accordingly directed southward, and in due time the expedition safely reached the island of Crete, and landed there.
  15. The Romans were directed to come armed to this show, but to keep their arms carefully concealed beneath their garments.


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