Use Dare in a Sentence, How to use “Dare” in a sentence


Use Dare in a sentence. How to use the word Dare in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Dare. Sentence for Dare.

Use Dare in a Sentence - How to use "Dare" in a sentence

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Definition of Dare

  1. To have the courage or boldness to do something.
  2. To have the courage to face.
  3. To challenge to do something

Examples of Dare in a sentence

  1. I dare say she was obstinate about it in spite of her gentleness and her passion for the doctor.
  2. “It may hurt her to see them,” I thought, “but I don’t dare destroy them.
  3. Each turkey is on a treadmill and does not dare to jump so as not to condemn his children to celibacy.
  4. She went on to say that has she been a Caucasian singer, he wouldn’t dare to physically accost her.
  5. He did not dare to make proposals openly, and he accordingly disguised himself and mingled with the servants upon Agenor’s farm.
  6. My suspicion is that solar panels are pretty generic looking, and it would be easy to stick a brand-name label on a (dare I say) Chinese-made panel.
  7. He did not dare to kill them openly, for fear of exciting the popular odium against himself.
  8. Satisfied that he has settled an acute difficulty, this composite father, in whose voice has sounded some tones that I dare not disown, descends the peaceful stairs.
  9. Beauty she must have had in a way, though I confess a natural preference for queenly women; I dare say I should have preferred Octavia to Cleopatra, who, they tell me, was small and slight.
  10. After my lonely life I dare say I should have loved any one who really needed me, and from the first moment that I read the appeal in Mrs. Vanderbridge’s face I felt that I was willing to work my fingers to the bone for her.
  11. If she had ever had her wits about her, I dare-say fifty years at Jordan’s End had unsettled them completely.


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