Use Considerable in a Sentence – How to use “Considerable” in a sentence


Use Considerable in a sentence. How to use the word Considerable in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Considerable. Sentence for Considerable.

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Examples of considerable in a sentence

  1. Grosvenor’s speeches and writings allow for the reconstruction of his political views in considerable detail.
  2. The aberration presented “considerable value and appreciation potential for many large-cap technology names,” Kessler argued.
  3. Bougies were inserted into the urethra, and these became larger and larger, inflicting great pain and considerable nausea.
  4. It has considerable sentimental value and Mr. Moorcock wonders if he lost it that night and if he had found it.
  5. Some people pocket a considerable amount of taxes to finance their luxurious lifestyles.
  6. Dalmatian, a strong, muscular, active dog capable of great endurance and considerable speed.
  7. He then began a popular radio program as “The Town Crier” and gained considerable fame as an eccentric public personality, a raconteur, and an arbiter of popular reading.
  8. Vinet’s highly personal approach to Christian theology and his pragmatic attitudes toward dogma left a considerable mark on Protestantism not only in his own country, but in France, England, and elsewhere in Europe.


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