Use Consider in a Sentence, How to use “Consider” in a sentence


Use Consider in a sentence. How to use the word Consider in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Consider. Sentence for Consider.

Use Consider in a Sentence - How to use "Consider" in a sentence


Examples of Consider in a sentence

  1. Many consider it a mystical form of Islam.
  2. I consider the game lost.
  3. He would consider the subject, she said, with fairness and impartiality, and decide it right.
  4. We consider Pioneer network will have all the early adopters, risk-takers, and resilient teammates.
  5. They who contribute thus most liberally I shall consider as entitled to the highest honors and rewards.
  6. A “radical solution” was demanded, on the ground that so long as he reigned at Athens we could not consider Greece a friendly neutral.
  7. After his own declarations to the Entente Ministers, and after the exchange of telegrams with the King of England, he told his sovereign he did not consider this reply possible.
  8. Sire, pray consider that you have a Government clothed with the full confidence of the nation.
  9. When Lord Kitchener saw M. Skouloudis, the latter said that the Allies’ mistrust might well force Greece to consider whether it would not be better for her to demobilize, leaving to them all responsibility for the consequences.
  10. The question seems to have been referred to him, either because he held some public office which made it his duty to consider and decide such a question, or else because he had been specially commissioned to act as judge in this particular case.
  11. My counsel therefore is, that you dismiss this assembly, and take further time to consider this subject before coming to a final decision.
  12. He directed the magi to consider the subject, and to give him their opinion.
  13. As the attempt to seize this crown failed, mankind consider her technically guilty.
  14. They made arrangements to have Mary’s death, whenever it should take place, concealed for a few hours, till they could consider what they should do.
  15. When we consider that Elizabeth was at this time over thirty years of age, and Mary only twenty-two, and that the fame of Mary’s loveliness had filled the world, it must be admitted that this question indicated a considerable degree of self-complacency.
  16. They know us all, and, from deference to our rank and station, they will let us pass without suspicion, especially if we act boldly and promptly, and do not give them time to stop and consider what to do.

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