Use Circuit in a Sentence, How to use “Circuit” in a sentence


Use Circuit in a sentence. How to use the word Circuit in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Circuit. Sentence for Circuit.

Use Circuit in a Sentence - How to use "Circuit" in a sentence

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Examples of Circuit in a sentence

  1. It can measure open circuit faults in types of transmission lines such as overhead cables, communication lines, etc.
  2. A fully charged battery has an open circuit voltage of approximately 4.55 v.
  3. With a type that takes monolithic integrated circuit technology as a core, the use of the V / F transform method brings the monitor in real time to the cell voltage of the monomer accumulator.
  4. The cables in the circuits are not heated by fuses or circuit breakers.
  5. The Ruby circuit was installed in a new rear control panel made to measure by Ambrosia Maple and Spanish Cedar … and a connector was installed.
  6. The office of the circuit the administrative railway line of the place opens to the outside world, the circuit of the collection uses the tariff.
  7. At this day it is a town only partially inhabited; but the ruins of the ancient city are said to cover a circuit of several leagues.
  8. At the time of Alexander, Diodorus allows the city of Ecbatana a circuit of 250 stades, _i.e._ of more than 30 miles.
  9. The circuit of the palace is about seven stades, and the rich ornamentation of the various parts proves how flourishing was the condition of those who founded it.
  10. Billed as the largest free nautical event in the world, Sail Amsterdam is a quinquennial (every five years) gathering of 600+ boats and tall ships that sail in a circuit in the Netherland’s North Sea Canal before mooring in Amsterdam.
  11. Maracanda (Samarcand), the chief city of the Sogdiani, on the Polytimetus, is said to have had a circuit of 70 stades in the fourth century B.C. The soil is not without fertility, but the climate varies between great heat and severe cold.


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