Use Any in a Sentence – How to use “Any” in a sentence


Use any in a sentence. How to use the word any in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word any.

Use Any in a Sentence - How to use "Any" in a sentence


Examples of any in a sentence

  1. When any of these tests is administered to a group of persons, individual differences become apparent.
  2. Up to some usually unattained physiological limit, any ability can be increased through training.
  3. No one will accept any present.
  4. For any public accountant interested in the package, Aldercare offers the package free of charge for a 30-day trial.
  5. In any case, you should have a doctor promptly when your child has sore throat and fever, or when he has any croupy symptoms.
  6. The treatment of any case of suspected diphtheria is the immediate use of serum along with other drugs.
  7. On the other hand, they do not raise any of the larger domesticated animals.
  8. Within any one region or country, however, the proportions of the populations are likely to be quite different from these.
  9. The African oral literature tradition is as rich in content and variety as that of any other major cultural area, folk or civilized, past or present.
  10. What I will say in response to the question is that I personally always use hypnosis as the first stage of any regression session.
  11. Wonderful book. I recommend all the writings of John Bogle to any investor.
  12. The governor has not shown any depth in foreign policy at all.
  13. Queuing should become a convention par excellence for any society.
  14. Is there any kind of indigenous frog in the area?
  15. No. Emergency contraception, also called “morning after pill”, only protects against unwanted pregnancies. It does not protect you from HIV / AIDS or from any other STD.
  16. Spam is any unwanted email that is not specifically addressed to you.
  17. Any boor with a fax machine and your phone number can flood you with unwanted documents.

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