Use Accompaniment in a Sentence, How to use “Accompaniment” in a sentence


Use Accompaniment in a sentence. How to use the word Accompaniment in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Accompaniment.

Use Accompaniment in a Sentence - How to use "Accompaniment" in a sentence

Examples of Accompaniment in a sentence

  1. A Cappella, is a musical term that now refers to singing performed without accompaniment.
  2. This passage will be sung with the accompaniment of a bamboo flute.
  3. It would be a tragedy if the chirk and crying of this creature, once common, would no longer be heard as a choral accompaniment for spring.
  4. Later, the performing arts with an innovative and progressive increase in the accompaniment of the band, while they dance and sing.
  5. The process of cultivating the capacity of improvised accompaniment is also the process of exercising, opening and developing the capacity of creation of the students.
  6. The poetry was choreographed to the accompaniment of the lyre.
  7. In this way, people who like to talk with their plants can now enjoy a musical accompaniment.
  8. The results of the elections were announced with the accompaniment of great cheers.
  9. Have or be characterized by a single melodic line with accompaniment.
  10. Strengthening accompaniment, Schubert makes an outstanding contribution.
  11. The subway operations company has also deleted the sequence calls 2101153, provides full travel accompaniment or similar service to a relay for disabled people.
  12. The teaching of improvised piano accompaniment is work in which theory and practice are closely related.
  13. Another aspect of tap dancing is improvisation. This can be done with music and follow the rhythms provided or without musical accompaniment, also known as acappella dance.
  14. The sound of the rain continues in a background accompaniment until Catherine dies in the hospital ward.
  15. West’s videos standing on a table in custom GQ suits while gesturing through new rhymes (without musical accompaniment) quickly made the rounds.
  16. Ideal with a game and a perfect accompaniment for hearty stews, herbs and cheeses with a strong flavor.
  17. There, in the sweaty darkness, after the transvestite cabaret, with the accompaniment of Rihanna, we kissed.

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