Chinese Zodiac Characteristics of the Pig


Do you believe in the Chinese horoscope? What does pig mean according to the chinese zodiac sign? How is the pig description in the Chinese zodiac sign?

Chinese Zodiac Characteristics of the Pig

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The Pig or Boar of the Chinese Horoscope

  • Chinese name of the Pig or Boar: Zhu
  • Time of influence of the Pig or Boar: between 21:00 and 23:00 at night
  • Season of the year of the Pig or Boar: winter
  • Month of influence of the Pig or Boar: November
  • Element of the Pig or Boar: Earth
  • Ascending: Ascending of the Pig or Boar
  • Aspect of the Pig or Boar: yin
  • Pig Stone or Boar: Topaz
  • Planet of the Pig or Boar: Mercury
  • Color of the pig or wild boar: sky blue or sky blue
  • Sign of the equivalent zodiac: Scorpio
  • Compatible with the Pig or Boar: The Hare – Cat – Rabbit and the Goat or Sheep.
  • Personality of Pig or Boar: Tolerant, sensitive, optimistic, honest, popular, lucky, faithful, understanding and with a sense of humor

Characteristics of the Pig or Boar according to the Chinese Horoscope

The pigs or boar are considered the most generous and honest of all the animals of the Chinese horoscope. Too gullible, can be easily tricked, can not stand lying, injustice and bad faith. Friend of his friends, he is understanding and tolerant. Idealist loves money, but to spend it on his whims in the company of friends and family.

People born under the influence of the pig or wild boar are people who act with honesty and frankness; his personality is modest and somewhat shy, they do not like to stand out and prefer to stay on the sidelines, acting behind the scenes. Endowed with great patience, they remain focused when others despair and can be a real support.

The pigs or wild boar are highly intelligent, they are capable both for study or work as for the game, fun or the pleasures of life (especially love the joy and good food).

His greatest talent is to feel happy with the little things that life gives him daily. Although many call him lazy, he does not resist work; He has skills to work in manual tasks, but as he is very human he also performs superbly in public attention or social assistance work.


He lacks diplomacy, the truth is his motto; and your sincerity can make you lose friends or job opportunities and important contacts. His apparent insecurity is not such; because in front of the aggressions it retires to reflect what attitude to take to be able to solve the situations.

As for decisions, you can go around deciding which path to choose, but when you make the decision you remain firm until the end with determination. His most complicated side is obstinacy, when he wants something, he really wants it.

In love he is faithful, understanding, sensual, possessive and intense. Conquer with your sense of humor and enjoy the good things in life, find it hard to resist temptations, such as a good meal, strong emotions or a passionate love.

They enjoy the home but where they really feel at ease is in the countryside and nature; It revitalizes in the open spaces and the forest.

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