Find Out How these Celebrities Solved their Acne Problems


People worship them, amazed by how beautiful they look every time they appear on television, movie screens, and even the fashion runways – female celebrities are like the goddesses of beauty to their millions of fans.


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But what their fans do not know is even if they are millions of money in the bank, have million-dollar houses, and wear expensive dresses from famous designers, these female celebrities are people too.  And like normal human beings, they suffer from normal people problems too, like that of acne.  Yes, you did not read that wrong, a lot of female celebrities get acnes too, they just know how to cover up their blemishes in-front of the camera (or at least their make-up artists do!)


According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), acne is a skin condition that affects fifty million Americans each year, celebrities included.  Here is a list of some celebrities who battled acne and the reasons how they conquered the skin condition.


Yes, this blonde actress, who is considered one of America’s sweethearts, had a lifelong battle with acne.  We bet you did not notice that when you while watching her movies!  Cameron said her acne problem can be attributed to the bad diet she had years ago, which she mentioned in her book titled, The Body Book.  As per the actress, her daily diet back then was of cheeseburgers and fries.  When she finally stopped and decided to eat healthy, she noticed that her skin began to clear up.  They did not entirely disappear, but her skin looked better than before.  She said she wasted her time and money trying to solve her acne problem by buying cream and drinking acne medicines, and if she had just listened to her body instead, she would have discovered acne was just a way for her body to tell her she needs to change her diet.


We love Natalie Portman; she has one of the most beautiful faces in Hollywood.  But as it turns out, she had problems with acne too, in the past.  How did she solve the problem?  Well, just like Cameron, she changed her diet. Since Natalie was already a vegetarian when she suffered from breakouts, the change she did was to become strict with veganism.  She eliminated dairy and eggs from her diet, and her acne disappeared.



David Beckham’s better-half and mother of four has battled acne ever since her Spice Girls days, so her struggle was followed by the media.  Her solution is food again, but this time it is not what she removed from her diet, but what she added, instead.  Victoria told Net-a-Porter magazine that her problematic skin was cured by her LA based dermatologist, Dr Harold Lancer.  He advised her to eat salmon every day.  Apparently the answer to Victoria’s acne problem was Omega-3 fatty acids that salmons have an abundance of.  In addition to consuming the fish, Victoria also regularly visits Dr. Lancer for oxygen facials, and uses his skin care products for cleansing and moisturizing.


Although still quite young and without any noticeable acne in her latest photos, Chloe Moretz said cystic acne was a really big problem for her when she was much younger.  She said her battle was an emotional one, and that she tried a diet change as well as other beauty products before she found the Accutane was the thing that made her acne disappear.

Accutane or Isotretinoin is a form of vitamin A that works by reducing the amount of oil that the oil glands produce in the skin to assist in skin renewal.  It was first introduced in 1979 to treat severe nodular acne.  Accutane is only given to patients in case other milder acne medicines had no effect.  It is also used in the prevention and treatment of skin cancers.


Alcohol consumption may be the reason why Rihanna had pimple breakouts, because her advice to people suffering from acne problems is to drink plenty of water and cut back on the alcohol.  The AAD does say that continuous consumption of too much alcohol can damage the skin.


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There is a trick, though, that Rihanna wants to impart to the ladies with regard to acne.  Wear a really amazing lipstick, one that has an attention grabbing effect, so people will get distracted and concentrate on your lips instead of your skin blemishes. Ha! Now that’s sheer brilliance…

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