Using “Her” in English, Definition, Rules, and Examples


Learn how to use the word “her” in English correctly with this comprehensive guide. From the definition and rules of use to 20 sample sentences, improve your grammar skills and communicate more effectively.

Use Her in a Sentence - How to use "Her" in a sentence

Definition of Her

“Her” is a pronoun in the English language that is used to refer to a female or feminine entity, object, or person. It is commonly used as the third-person singular feminine pronoun, replacing the noun or name of the person being referred to. For example, “She is going to the store,” or “Her car is parked outside.” The use of “her” indicates possession or ownership of something by a female or feminine entity, as in “Her book is on the table.”

How is β€œHer” used in English? What are the rules of use of β€œHer”?

“Her” is used in English as a third-person singular feminine pronoun to refer to a female or feminine entity, object, or person. Here are some examples of how “her” can be used in sentences:

  1. Possessive pronoun: “Her car is parked in the driveway.”
  2. Object pronoun: “I gave her the book to read.”
  3. Subject pronoun: “She went to the store with her friends.”

As for the rules of use of “her,” here are some guidelines to keep in mind:

  1. Use “her” as the object of a verb or preposition, as in “I gave her a gift” or “The book belongs to her.”
  2. Use “her” as the possessive form of the pronoun, as in “Her dog is so cute” or “I borrowed her pencil.”
  3. Use “her” as the subject of a sentence or clause, as in “She invited her friend to the party.”

Note that the use of “her” may vary depending on the context and the sentence structure. It is important to consider the grammatical function of the word in the sentence to determine whether “her” is the appropriate pronoun to use.

How to use the word Her in a sentence?

Here are 20 sample sentences that use the word “her” in different ways:

  1. She gave her cat a bath.
  2. Her car was parked in the garage.
  3. The book belonged to her.
  4. Her house was painted blue.
  5. She saw her reflection in the mirror.
  6. Her favorite color is green.
  7. She put on her coat and left.
  8. The dog followed her everywhere she went.
  9. Her birthday is in June.
  10. She helped her mom bake a cake.
  11. Her eyes sparkled in the sunlight.
  12. She wore her hair in a ponytail.
  13. The teacher praised her for her hard work.
  14. Her phone rang in the middle of the night.
  15. She was surprised by her own strength.
  16. Her family loves to travel together.
  17. She waved to her friends from the car.
  18. Her shoes were muddy from the rain.
  19. She hugged her sister tightly.
  20. Her smile lit up the room.

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