Use Vaccine in a Sentence – How to use “Vaccine” in a sentence


Use Vaccine in a sentence. How to use the word Vaccine in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Vaccine. Sentence for Vaccine.

Use Vaccine in a Sentence - How to use "Vaccine" in a sentence

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Examples of Vaccine in a sentence

  1. The vaccine is produced by growing virus on the tissue of the kidneys of monkeys.
  2. This vaccine (which is administered intravenously) together with the more recent oral vaccine developed by Dr. Albert B. Sabin has effectively eliminated the threat of this crippling disease.
  3. Dr. Salk is shown here at work in his laboratory and (opposife, bottom) administering the vaccine to an enthusiastic young man.
  4. It was necessary to isolate the virus responsible for the disease in order to develop a vaccine.
  5. A vaccine was prepared from the killed virus.
  6. The other is the “live” Sabin vaccine taken by mouth.
  7. Anyone who starts on the Salk vaccine may continue with the Sabin provided each vaccine is taken exactly as recommended.


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