Ideas to create original baptism invitations


It is not the first time that in our portal we talked about how to create original invitations or congratulations with materials that we have at home.

Ideas to create original baptism invitations

If we do a search through the network, we can find a large number of ideas with which to surprise our loved ones. Since we know you are many who like this kind of things, and Christmas is still far away, today we want to tell you about some ideas to create original baptism invitations.

Online invitation

The first of the ideas that we share with you would be to make an online invitation to send by email or WhatsApp to the guests. You can also create a web page where guests can access the information. If you opt for this option, you can take advantage of the page to hang some pictures of the christening in it. Surely your guests enjoy seeing them.

Ideas to create original baptism invitations

Online applications to create christening invitations

Without leaving the technology, it is possible to find a large number of web pages and online tools that allow us to create personalized invitations. In them we can choose the type of letter, the colors and even the images that will be part of it. Once we have the design, we will only have to print them to distribute them. In many cases, the pages where we design them offer that option.

Ideas to create original baptism invitations

Collage format

half of the collage, you can create very original invitations for the baptism of your son or daughter. The first thing you should choose is the format you want to create. You can choose by postal type, letter or poster, to give some examples. Once chosen, it will be time to make the composition that will be part of the invitation. Here it would be good to use images of your baby from birth to the date of baptism.

Ideas to create original baptism invitations

Add custom rubber stamps

To give the invitation a more special touch, we can use custom rubber stamps. These stamps can be purchased in printers or specialized stores and are usually not very expensive. The only thing that you will have to do, will be to wet them in ink to give an original touch to your invitations. Of course, try to have the seal include something representative about the baby.

Create objects on babies or christenings

We are preparing invitations for the baptism of our baby, it would be interesting that this had elements related to this theme. For example, we can refer to a pacifier or diapers. In this way we will give a touch of joy, as well as eye-catching. Doing these elements will not take much effort. On the internet you can find a multitude of templates for this, which can then be printed on colored cards.

Ideas to create original baptism invitations

Custom cookies

This last idea is thought for those parents who are authentic kitchens. The idea is to make a very sweet invitation and what better way to do it than surprising with some personalized cookies. For example, you can write on it the date of the baptism and the name of the baby. Surely this invitation will delight your guests.

As you have read, creating original invitations is very simple. It just takes a little creativity and a lot of imagination.

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