Use Strong in a Sentence, How to use “Strong” in a sentence


Use Strong in a sentence. How to use the word Strong in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Strong. Sentence for Strong.

Use Strong in a Sentence - How to use "Strong" in a sentence

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Examples of Strong in a sentence

  1. Company executives touted strength in mobile search for the strong results.
  2. The dog has a deep, musclar chest, a level, strong back, and straight, well-boned legs.
  3. Their catering business remained strong despite the recession.
  4. During the turmoil in the foreign-exchange markets the guilder remained strong.
  5. His face remained impassive, so strong was his self-control.
  6. The Swiss franc has remained surprisingly strong.
  7. That team has nothing but strong players.
  8. There was a strong henotheistic tendeney at work in the Assyrio-Babylonian pantheon, so that a large number of deities were treated as manifestations of Marduk: he had ‘fifty names’.
  9. The rhizome cutting will produce shoots very quickly, and strong, fine roots will develop.
  10. Bertrand Russell once said, “Three passions, simple but overwhelmingly strong, have governed my life: the longing for love, the search for knowledge, and unbearable pity for the suffering of mankind.
  11. Surely he will face a series of difficulties, but he will remain strong to rise with a new strength and positivity after each fall.
  12. Bush’s strong ties to the Latino community were established long before he ever set foot in the governor’s office.
  13. It was a strong presidential endorsement of body cameras, an idea that civil rights advocates have urged.
  14. Professional athletes need to have a strong ego so that they don’t get discouraged if things go badly once in a while.
  15. The theme of exploration and natural conservation is a strong and constant current of the artistic practice of Amok Island.
  16. After announcing his plan, he watched with strong interest its operation.
  17. After this he evinced a strong hostility to the government.
  18. The class separated, as every class would, in such a case, with a strong feeling of interest in the work before them.


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