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Aberration in a Sentence

Use Research in a sentence. How to use the word Research in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Research.

Definition of Research

Examples of Research in a sentence

*** Research on the application of engineering to produce acetylene through the pyrolysis of coal in a plasma reactor is important for industrialization.

*** In essence, the research seeks to miniaturize the drones of unmanned aerial vehicles used in Iraq and Afghanistan for surveillance and reconnaissance.

*** The document described the design of the high-power intellectual charger for the lead-acid accumulator, including research on charging method and charging power supply.

*** We review the growing scope of meta-knowledge research, which discovers regularities in scientific claims and infers the beliefs, preferences, research tools and strategies behind those regularities.

*** Graduates often enter other professions, such as those of the actuary, accountant and operational research scientist.

*** Orthogonal multiple-element polynomial regression is used for the traditional optimization technique of optimal parametric design, and experimental research is done by some experiential formula.

*** They comment, clarify and interpret their writings, and devote very little time to observation and empirical research.

*** Our research group found that consumers want healthy foods based on vegetables and not on meat products.

*** It can be healthy, but it requires research.

*** Our research team is constantly improving the artificial intelligence system to find out which Aardvark users are the best to answer a question.

*** Further research is needed to determine if this aberration is also specific for ulcerative colitis.

*** The research suggests that the development of the industrial cluster of clothing should present a great person of talent, build a regional brand, be actively inserted into the global value chain and build a marketing channel.

*** We work with Itracks, a global expert in online market research and patent holder for qualitative online applications, to host and administer the survey.

*** In 1877, after working on a research project with F. P. Abbot, an American dentist in Berlin, Miller decided to adopt dentistry as his profession.

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