Use Patrilineal in a Sentence, How to use “Patrilineal” in a sentence


Use Patrilineal in a sentence. How to use the word Patrilineal in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Patrilineal.

Use Patrilineal in a Sentence - How to use "Patrilineal" in a sentence

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Examples of Patrilineal in a sentence

  1. Whether patrilineal or matrilineal in nature, the largest kinship grouping is called a elan or sib.
  2. Second, as mentioned before, Hindu society is patrilineal and follows a rigid system of caste distinction.
  3. Man seems to be a descendant of patrilineal ancestors.
  4. In groups of patrilineal descent, he argued, the individual family and private property were prominent and the community principle was already moribund.
  5. Some primates live in patrilineal rather than matrilineal descent groups.
  6. Coexistence of matrilineal and patrilineal families in the community of Mosuo adjacent to Lugu Lake. Its social formation is in such a historical period that it changes from matriarchy to patriarchy.
  7. In addition to the patrilineal relationship, in-laws, quasi-blood relatives, geographical and occupational relationships play a more active role than before.
  8. The Sati system originated in the patrilineal society, along with the development of the ancient Chinese society, in different stages had different manifestations.
  9. “In a society that emphasizes patrilineal descent, having children, especially sons, is fundamental, and girls learn from an early age that this is their responsibility” (Seymour, 1999, p.97).
  10. The strict patrilineal inheritance is also obeyed by parts of our genome, the non-recombining part of the Y chromosome. Therefore, men who share a surname are expected to have similar Y chromosomes.
  11. Although the Lahaul Valley society is patrilineal, the practice of polyandry gave women considerable control over many issues.
  12. After entering the patrilineal society, the admired position of women began to fall.
  13. Its core is to put first the benefit of patrilineal consanguineous group.
  14. It covers data on the matrilineal and patrilineal Mosuo society, and the ethnographic information on the patriarchal families of Mosuo.
  15. The common patrilineal ancestor of all living humans today has received the name of chromosomal Adam Young


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