Use Optional in a Sentence – How to use “Optional” in a sentence


Use Optional in a sentence. How to use the word Optional in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Optional. Sentence for Optional.

Optional - Sentence for Optional - Use Optional in a Sentence


Examples of Optional in a sentence

  1. The Intimate and Adult Interviews are optional.
  2. Disc brakes were optional in 1967 and became standard in 1976.
  3. A new optional four spoke steering wheel was also available.
  4. Optional: Carefully cover the ribbon by wrapping the fabric, bending it at the ends and holding it in place with steel studs.
  5. The tendency, then, is, to divest their minds of all sense of obligation in respect to doing right, and to make them feel that it is in some sense optional with them whether to do right and earn the reward, or not to do right and lose it.

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