Use Often in a Sentence, How to use “Often” in a sentence


Use Often in a sentence. How to use the word Often in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Often.

Use Often in a Sentence - How to use "Often" in a sentence


Examples of Often in a sentence

  1. For example, a general-service lamp usually is rated to operate for 1,000 hours before failure so that the user will not have to change lamps often.
  2. It is often useful to illustrate the geometric properties of electric fields by drawing imaginary lines in space.
  3. It often is visible from Valparaiso, on the shore of the Pacific, 90 miles away.
  4. Accounting often is referred to as a tool of management.
  5. It is often fatal.
  6. This is often referred to as the continuity concept.
  7. The matching of expenses and revenue concept (often referred to as matching of costs and revenue) is basic to the periodic determination of income for a going concern.
  8. The determination of periodic income is being granted increased importance in accounting and financial circles.
  9. Musicians and dancers were often called on to entertain at lavish banquets given by the wealthy for their friends.
  10. We usually go out at weekends, but we don’t often go out during the week.
  11. Accounting is often referred to as one of the oldest professions; equally often it is referred to as one of the newest and most rapidly growing professions.
  12. He did not go to the library often.
  13. It is often read responsively by the rabbi or the cantor and the congregation.
  14. He often does an aerial reconnaissance for Dave.
  15. The actress often forgot her lines, but she was very good at improvising.
  16. Since 1999, several episodes of fulminating epidemic disease have occurred, often resulting in 100% mortality of Haliotis drversicotor aquatilis abalone cultivated on the coasts of Fujian and Guangdong.
  17. This type of work is often considered boring.
  18. Despite being married, the king often mocked many women in his private chamber.
  19. Though it can be brief, a conceit often forms the basis for an entire poem.
  20. Often, analogies were drawn with such exaggerated attention to detail as to seem deliberately grotesque.
  21. There is often a conspiracy of silence surrounding bullying in schools.
  22. Commissioner Trump liked shrimp and often bought them a tub when he was at the front.

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