What Are Warm and Cool Colors? What are its features?


There are many important colors based on the feeling they create, along with the Warm and Cool Colors, their wavelengths and appearances. 

These colors are called cold and warm with such criteria given. Especially at the point of harmony for many different spaces, these colors are used according to whether they are warm or cold. Therefore, which colors are warm and which are cold are among the topics that are curious.

Thus, it is possible to obtain a more effective and beautiful appearance that does not tire the eyes. Accompanied by different criteria and features, the effect of colors has an important place according to the area to be used. Colors that do not tire the eyes, reflect and relax the person are evaluated according to whether they are warm or cold.

What are Contrasting Colors? What are Contrasting Colors?

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What Are Warm Colors?

In particular, the colors that call and feel warm and fire are known as warm colors. In general, these colors come to the fore because they create a warm effect on people. Along with their long wavelengths, they are also colors that can be seen quickly. These colors are expressed as:

  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Orange

At the same time, the warm tones of the colors given above are also known as warm colors. They are also among the recommended colors that can be used by calm and timid people with low energy. Thus, they offer a structure that allows the person to feel more comfortable. With this aspect, it is possible to say that it is used in many different fields today.


What Are Cool Colors?

Along with warm colors, there are also cold colors depending on their characteristics. These colors have shorter wavelengths and also give off a lesser appearance. It is also possible to express it as colors that create a cold effect on people. In this direction, the cold colors are;

  • Green
  • blue
  • Purple

Likewise, cold tones of the colors given above are also known as cold colors. It is a color used especially for children and adults with high hyperactivity and high energy. It is possible to say that it is in colors that allow the person to become more calm and comfortable. In this respect, they are used in many different places, accompanied by mixing over warm colors.

What are Warm Colors Features?

Today, warm colors are used in different places due to these features along with many prominent features. It is a color used for people who are shy, have low energy and are in the background.

  • They are noisy and vibrant colors.
  • It has the characteristics of making the surfaces appear larger.
  • They show things and assets.
  • They have a favorable structure for clustering.
  • If used in the cold, they add warmth.
  • If used in very hot temperatures, they can create an overwhelming effect.

Warm colors and tones, along with their prominent features above, are used in different places suitable for the purpose. It is possible to state that it has an important place in clothing, along with many different venues. Of course, they are evaluated for different purposes in different fields from a scientific point of view.

What are Contrasting Colors? What are Contrasting Colors?

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What are Cool Colors Features?

There are many different cool colors available, depending on the intended use. Like warm colors, cold colors also have certain characteristics. It is in the colors that people with hyperactivity and a lot of energy should be evaluated.

  • They are calming colors.
  • It has a refreshing effect.
  • They make the dimensions of the surfaces appear smaller.
  • Shows things and assets further away.
  • They offer coolness and comfort when used in hot weather.
  • They produce a chilling effect when used in very cold temperatures.

Likewise, with the examples given above, cold colors come to the fore. It is possible to use it in many different colors and also in clothes, in accordance with the purpose. They have an important place in making the person seem calmer and the place more peaceful.

Use of Warm and Cool Colors

Generally, colors are represented on a color wheel. These colors stand out as warm and cold with their separation into two. Colors such as green, blue, and purple are cool colors. These hues with yellow, red and orange are known as warm colors. They have an important place in the field of science, especially in different places and with clothes. Because they have absorbing properties against each other with different wavelengths. At the same time, depending on the characteristics of the person, they give the opportunity to gain warmer, calmer and smaller and larger dimensions.


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