Use Multitudinous in a Sentence, How to use “Multitudinous” in a sentence


Use Multitudinous in a sentence. How to use the word Multitudinous in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Multitudinous. Sentence for Multitudinous.

Use Multitudinous in a Sentence - How to use "Multitudinous" in a sentence


Examples of Multitudinous in a sentence

  1. Helping with this is a valuable resource, this being our multitudinous supply of deep harbors.
  2. Multitudinous tongues, like the whispering leaves of a wind-stirred oak.
  3. This paper presents a robust method for analyzing the various speeds of multitudinous vehicles by utilizing thermal images as the source of operation.
  4. Because Teresa is a very attractive woman, she receives multitudinous messages through the dating website.
  5. Design your everyday with multitudinous throw pillows you’ll love for your couch or bed.
  6. How the divine intelligence can comprehend so vast and multitudinous and exhaustless a number of things must ..
  7. Like coral insects multitudinous.
  8. The multitudinous seas incarnadine in the news.
  9. I like to think of the rainbow pictured above as symbolizing the multitudinous human colors and textures that have made this meeting place what it is.
  10. Multitudinous issues surrounding social, environmental, fiscal, and state matters remain part of the discussions that need to be hammered out.
  11. He belongs to that timeless league of bards who have defied the ravages of time and have managed to rule the environs of history with their multitudinous talent.
  12. Then comes the multitudinous celebrity shows, international artists shows, shows for a cause, road shows, competitions, that India has seen currently.
  13. The college has successfully completed 23 years of academic excellence and is forging ahead in pursuit of multitudinous accomplishments.
  14. A few bugs won’t stop this, just as multitudinous bugs in Windows through the years have done little to halt its market penetration.
  15. We strive for customer satisfaction and thus, hereby help business grow multitudinous while helping them harness their business to the highest potential.
  16. As one looks upon the face of his dead son, so looked I upon that multitudinous pastry.

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