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Use human in a sentence. Sentence for human. How to use the word human in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word human. How to use “human” with example sentences.

Definition of human

Examples of human in a sentence

*** Using extracted teeth, he demonstrated in the laboratory that decay is the result of the acids formed by bacteria in the human mouth.

*** He was the author of numerous articles on dentistry and of The Micro-Organisms of the Human Mouth (1890).

*** DalĂ­ is a picturesque Buddha center on earth, a country of human fairies with the best living environment and an Elysian full of sunlight of harmony.

*** The pope’s jurisprudential reflections begin with a catalog of trends that underlie contemporary assertions of the legal justification of attacks against human life, such as abortion and euthanasia.

*** The irradiated lyophilized human umbilical artery (LIHUA) is capable as a new prosthesis for small arterial bypass graft.

*** emphasizes the absurdity of the world and the nihility of human life.

*** At first, everything seemed to me like a human zoo.

*** Highly purified preparations of ACTH have been made from sheep, pig, beef, and human pituitaries, and their molecular weights and structures have been established.

*** hermaphroditism, a condition characterized by the coexistence in an individual of ovarian and tes-ticular tissue It is extremely rare in human beings but more common in lower forms.

*** Human cloning is achieved by a technique called somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT).

*** The process involves the introduction of core material from a human somatic cell (any biological cell that forms the body of an organism, although for the purposes of SCNT, usually a skin cell) into an oocyte (a female ovum that has not yet has gone through the process to become an ovule) whose own nucleus has been eliminated or inactivated.

*** All human cells, including ovules and sperm, contain small energy-producing organelles called mitochondria.

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