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“Pretties” is the second book in the Uglies series by Scott Westerfeld. It continues the dystopian story of Tally Youngblood in a future society where individuals undergo a surgery at age 16 to become physically attractive, known as “pretties.”

In “Pretties,” Tally has undergone the pretty operation and now lives in New Pretty Town, where everything is centered around pleasure and parties. The story explores the consequences and challenges that come with being a pretty.

The central theme of “Pretties” revolves around the idea of conformity and the cost of perfection. Tally realizes that the operation has not only changed her physical appearance but has also affected her thinking and memories. She struggles to maintain her individuality and sense of self in a society that values conformity above all else.


As Tally navigates her new life as a pretty, she starts to question the emptiness of her existence and the restrictions placed on her. She becomes involved with a group of rebellious individuals called the Crims, who challenge the status quo and seek to reclaim their individuality.

The book also delves into themes of friendship, loyalty, and the blurred lines between right and wrong. Tally grapples with conflicting loyalties as she tries to balance her newfound friendships and her allegiance to the authorities.

Throughout the narrative, “Pretties” explores the concept of identity and the struggle to maintain a sense of self in the face of societal pressures. It raises questions about the value of beauty, the importance of individuality, and the consequences of blindly conforming to societal norms.

With its fast-paced storyline, intriguing characters, and thought-provoking themes, “Pretties” continues the engaging dystopian saga of the Uglies series, offering readers a deeper exploration of the dangers and complexities of a world obsessed with appearance and conformity.

Book Summary

“Pretties” is the second book in the Uglies series by Scott Westerfeld. The story picks up where “Uglies” left off, following the journey of Tally Youngblood in a dystopian future society.

After undergoing the transformative surgery to become a “pretty,” Tally now resides in New Pretty Town, where she enjoys a life of constant parties, pleasure, and carefree existence. She is surrounded by beautiful people and indulges in their glamorous lifestyle. However, Tally starts to notice that something is not quite right. The pretties seem happy but shallow, lacking depth and purpose in their lives.

Tally reconnects with her friend Shay, who had gone missing but is now a pretty named Peris. Peris, along with other pretties, is content with his new life and encourages Tally to embrace the pretty mentality fully. However, Tally’s doubts and lingering memories of her time with the Smokies, the rebel group she encountered in the first book, persist.


As Tally continues her life as a pretty, she becomes increasingly curious about her past and the truth behind the pretty operation. She discovers a group of rebellious individuals known as the Crims, led by a boy named Zane. The Crims are pretties who resist conformity and seek to reclaim their individuality. Tally is drawn to their energy and rebellious spirit.

Tally and Zane develop a close relationship, both romantically and as partners in their quest for truth and freedom. Together, they unravel the mysteries of their society and uncover hidden secrets. They learn that the pretty operation not only changes physical appearance but also alters brain functions, suppressing critical thinking and individuality.

Driven by a desire to break free from the shackles of their controlled existence, Tally and Zane devise a plan to disable the brain lesions that affect the pretties’ minds. They form alliances with various groups, including the Smokies, in an attempt to overthrow the oppressive regime.

However, as their plan unfolds, Tally begins to question the cost of their rebellion. She realizes the potential consequences of their actions and the sacrifices they may have to make. The lines between right and wrong become blurred, and Tally must grapple with difficult choices.

In a climactic turn of events, Tally’s actions have unintended consequences, and the world she once knew is thrown into chaos. The consequences of the rebellion and Tally’s involvement leave her questioning her own identity and the role she played in shaping the future.

“Pretties” explores themes of conformity, identity, the pursuit of freedom, and the price of perfection. It delves deeper into the complexities of the society introduced in “Uglies” and presents Tally with new challenges and moral dilemmas. The book ends on a suspenseful note, setting the stage for the next installment in the series.

With its intricate plot, well-developed characters, and thought-provoking themes, “Pretties” offers readers a captivating continuation of the Uglies series, challenging them to consider the consequences of societal pressures and the importance of individuality in a world that values conformity.


Here are some of the key characters in “Pretties”:

  • Tally Youngblood: The protagonist of the series, Tally undergoes the pretty operation and lives in New Pretty Town. She starts to question the society she lives in and becomes involved in the resistance against the controlling regime.
  • Zane: A member of the Crims, Zane becomes Tally’s love interest and partner in their rebellious activities. He is charismatic, intelligent, and shares Tally’s desire for freedom and individuality.
  • Shay/Peris: Tally’s former best friend, Shay, has become a pretty named Peris. She is content with her new life and encourages Tally to embrace the pretty lifestyle. However, their friendship becomes strained as Tally discovers the flaws in their society.
  • Dr. Cable: The enigmatic and powerful leader of the society, Dr. Cable plays a significant role in manipulating and controlling the lives of the pretties. She is determined to maintain the status quo and suppress any rebellion.
  • David: A member of the Smokies, David becomes a trusted ally and friend to Tally. He helps her uncover the truth behind the pretty operation and supports her in her fight against the system.
  • Maddy: Maddy is Tally’s ally and a scientist in the Smoke. She is instrumental in uncovering the secrets of the pretty operation and developing strategies to combat the controlling government.
  • The Crims: The Crims are a group of rebellious pretties who resist conformity and seek to reclaim their individuality. They include characters like Shay/Peris, Zane, Croy, and others who play crucial roles in the rebellion against the society.
  • Special Circumstances: Special Circumstances is a secretive branch of the government responsible for maintaining control and enforcing conformity. They pose a constant threat to Tally and the resistance movement.

These characters, along with others, contribute to the complex web of relationships and conflicts in “Pretties.” Each character has their own motivations, desires, and struggles as they navigate the oppressive society and fight for personal freedom and individuality.

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