Use Helped in a Sentence, How to use “Helped” in a sentence


Use helped in a sentence. How to use the word helped in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word helped. Sentence for helped.

Helped in a Sentence


Examples of helped in a sentence

  1. In Louisville he helped to establish the public school system and to found the University of Louisville.
  2. Augustus Thomas; (1859-1934), American playwright, whose local-color plays helped to develop the popular American theater.
  3. He helped to persuade the Government to spend 200 million pounds on cleaning beaches in Britain and 600 million pounds for cleaning the aerial discharges of coal-fired power plants.
  4. Filthy, horrid, hungry creatures, they helped punish the blind prophet Phineus by snatehing away or defiling all food placed before him.
  5. His accountant helped him and instigated him into fraud.
  6. Known as the “Queen of the Gospel Song,” she helped popularize this form of music, in which a religious text is combined with the mood and rhythm of blues music.
  7. Trevor helped the police by using his psychic powers.
  8. Fire teams from all neighboring districts helped fight fires in the city.
  9. During this period, he drank a lot, used illegal drugs and “Tender Vittles of free base” until his friends helped him recover.
  10. Helped and instigated by two glasses of wine, he became very sentimental.
  11. Louis XIII helped to expand the convincing course of the structures of the French state.
  12. The acceleration of a major cost reduction exercise initiated in 1991 and an active portfolio reorientation program helped limit losses.
  13. As he passed through the congregation, Jim chose the faces of the people who had helped Tom transform the Most Holy Trinity.
  14. An elephant in West Midland Safari Park, United Kingdom, put its size to good use when it helped a zoo keeper kick-start his car, the Daily Telegraph reported.
  15. Alfred Cort Haddon; (1855-1940), English inthropologist and comparative anatomist, who helped establish the science of anthropology in Britain.

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