Use Hanging in a Sentence, How to use “Hanging” in a sentence


Use Hanging in a sentence. How to use the word Hanging in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Hanging. Sentence for Hanging.

Use Hanging in a Sentence - How to use "Hanging" in a sentence

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Examples of Hanging in a sentence

  • Many a good hanging prevents a bad marriage.
  • Education is hanging around until you’ve caught on.
  • From South and Central America, this is a perfect plant to use in hanging baskets.
  • Some European countries, such as Germany, use a wreath of firs with 24 bags or boxes hanging from it.
  • When he reached the river, the horse was standing there, his head hanging as if he were ashamed.
  • She wore a black silk trouser-suit, the jacket reaching her hips and hanging loose.
  • The custom of hanging stockings comes from the history of San Nicolás.
  • In Italy, the United Kingdom and the United States gifts are left in stockings, often left hanging in a fireplace.
  • Arguably more obsessed with the internet than with television, Erik only tends to watch TV so that he can spend time hanging out with Neil and Mat.
  • Taria dropped the overstuffed bags hanging from each shoulder and flung herself into Martos’ arms.
  • With one finger our navigator, Parsons, slowly pushed up the bill of the soiled and tattered hat that was hanging low over his face.
  • It wasn’t long before she saw a pair of black leggings on the ground and feather earrings hanging in the bushes.
  • He was to take some wire, a coil of which he found hanging up in the shed, and cut it into lengths suitable for the bars of his cage.
  • He found him perched upon the handle of the hand-saw, which was hanging against the wall.
  • And the more it is moved, the higher it is lifted, so that it would take a great force to move it far away from the centre, where it was hanging.


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