What is Carbon Cycle? Defination and diagram of carbon cycle


What is carbon cycle? Defination and diagram of carbon cycle. Information about the cycles of matters.

Green plants take in carbondioxide from the air in photosynthesis. You learned that plants use chlorophlly, light, water and carbondioxide to make food. In the food (sugar) there is carbon which means that there is carbon in the plants. An animal eats the food to gain energy and at the same time, it takes in carbon.

Carbon Cycle

As you see carbon is transferred from the plants to the animals. During respiration plants and animals take in oxygen and give carbondioxide back into the atmosphere. Photosynthesis and respiration keep the cycle going. During the burning of wood, coal, oil and natural gas carbondioxide is also given off into the atmosphere. The carbon cycle can also proceed through the remains of plants and animals. The bodies of dead plants and animals are broken down by bacteria and carbon returns to the atmosphere as \displaystyle C{{O}_{2}}. These events take place over and over again.

Photosynthesis and respiration play an important role in the carbon cycle. But what happens if the amount of carbondioxide increases in the atmosphere? if there is too much \displaystyle C{{O}_{2}} in the atmesphere then the balance of nature changes. Light can pass through carbondioxide easily, but heat from the earth cannot go back into outer space. More \displaystyle C{{O}_{2}} makes a blanket around the earth. The earth will be come warmer.


Many scientists are concerned that the burning of fossil fuels has added too much \displaystyle C{{O}_{2}} to the atmosphere. We release about five thousand millian tones of \displaystyle C{{O}_{2}} into the air every year and they fear that the additional \displaystyle C{{O}_{2}} will warm the earth enough to melt polar ice. it will bring floods to law countries. To keep oxygen-carbondioxide balance in nature, green part of the country must be increased. For this reason green plants and forests mu st be protected from destruction. If trees are cut for wood products they should be replaced by replanting. By this way green plants make photosynthesis. They take in \displaystyle C{{O}_{2}}, give off \displaystyle {{O}_{2}} to the atmosphere so that amount of oxygen increases, carbondioxide decreases in the atmosphere.

We also must reduce the using of fossils fuels to decrease amount of carbondioxide in the atmosphere.

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