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Definition of General

Examples of General in a sentence

*** Gaspard Gourgaud; (1783-1852), French general, who is best known for his writings about Napoleon.

*** Gourgaud reentered the French Army in 1830 and was made a lieutenant general and a peer of France by King Louis Philippe.


*** He created the character Betty Crocker for General Mills and was instrumental in projecting a favorable public image of the United States Steel Corporation.

*** As a general and counselor to Waldemar I and to his son and successor Canute (Knud) VI, he worked for the stabilization of the realm, then ravaged by Wendish pirates from Pomerania and Rugen.

*** Anne Jean Marie René Savary; ( 1774-1833 ), French general.

*** In 1798 he served as aide-de-camp to General Desaix on the French expedition to Egypt.

*** Nightingales, warblers and male larks are operísticas brown and, in general, almost indistinguishable from their females.

*** It is inadequate and misleading to rely on general impressions in such churches.

*** A new general offense is provided to give a misleading price indication in s20.

*** The conditions of war added to the general impetus for change, but at the same time they also inhibited the change.

*** The speech of the Surgeon General will give new impetus to the anti-smoking campaign.

*** The Buick Motor Division of the General Motors Corporation is in transition, as is the rest of the venerable automotive company.

*** Once the contest ends, all the lists will be included in the general set of lists for publication at a later date.

*** Though short and lame, he was a brilliant, popular general, and several times defeated anti-Spartan coalitions led by Thebes, notably at Coronea in 394.

*** Treasury attorneys, led by attorney general Edward Knight, are reviewing the options.

*** He was born in Hopewell, N. J. After running a general store in St. Louis, Mo., for five years, he became a partner of John Jacob Astor in the Pacific Fur Company in 1810.

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