Use Freight in a Sentence – How to use “Freight” in a sentence


Use Freight in a sentence. How to use the word Freight in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Freight. Sentence for Freight.

Freight in a Sentence


Examples of freight in a sentence

  1. Fellucas still sail the Nile as they have since ancient times, carrying both passengers and freight.
  2. The engine dragged a long line of freight cars.
  3. Freight trains travel slowly uphill to the hills.
  4. Freight is not included in the account.
  5. Freight is included in the account.
  6. Freight train 36 has been diverted to runway 6.
  7. Did you send it by express or by freight?
  8. We can send it by air / sea freight.
  9. Railroads will transport a much greater proportion of freight traffic.
  10. Freight wagons on the train can carry a fully loaded truck.
  11. A staff of freight agents vigorously solicited shipments from local businesses
  12. Environmental groups want more passenger and freight traffic to move from roads to trains.
  13. Models with four-wheel drive start at $18,450 freight and come with a five-speed lever and four-cylinder engine.
  14. Rail freight rates are high compared to the cost of road transport.
  15. Freight and parcels had always been considered as distinct entities, and naturally they formed two of the new sectors.
  16. Six coaches and eight freight cars.
  17. Two freight wagons were disconnected from the train engine and fell into a river near Dhaka.
  18. Housing construction and freight transport decreased by 3 and 2 percent, respectively, in 1989 compared to 1988.
  19. The coal transported by the freight train was scattered in piles.
  20. But the main focus for freight traffic was the freight station.
  21. On some railroads, however, it was by far the most important freight item.
  22. From there I was going to take a trip on a freight train and continue my way back to the east.
  23. The defendants alleged brief delivery under a transport contract and retained part of the freight payable under the contract.
  24. The Botleks double-track tunnel under the Oude Maas will transport freight trains between the docks and the Betuwe line.
  25. We see that freight railways make good profits while offering excellent service.

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