Established in a Sentence

Use Established in a sentence. How to use the word Established in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Established.

Definition of Established

Examples of Established in a sentence

*** Blaeu established himself in Amsterdam in 1596 and began making maps, globes, and instruments.

*** on the other hand, in terms of its supervisory board system, suggests that the legislator adopt the model that allows the coexistence of a supervisory board, both internally established and externally accredited.

*** Stands were established to satisfy the thousands of thirsty people expected at the event.

*** I have established a good working relationship with my boss.

*** This rain seems as if it had been established for the rest of the day.

*** The theory “learning society” was established, at the beginning, by the American educator, philosopher of education, Robert Maynard Hutchins.

*** American educator who established the first free American school for the hearing impaired (1817).

*** Only through regression can the root of such cases be discovered and the basis for follow-up treatment established.

*** The latent root regression model with near infrared spectra from 40 soy samples was established to analyze the soy protein content in this study.

*** The piecewise polynomial regression model was established on the basis of the analysis of the dispersion diagram of the change in velocity with the installation distance.

*** The linear correlation regression equation of fetal weight, the length of CR and the age of fertilization were established.

*** Spontaneous regression of established tumors is rare.

*** Based on the absorbance data of a group, standard solution, the working equation of the component was established by linear regression.

*** Based on the regression analysis and the gray relationship analysis, function models were established between the environmental value and SFD of the three trees.

*** The equation of second-degree polynomials of maize grain yield (Zea Mays L.) with plant density and nitrogen fertilization was established by means of regression analysis.

*** Based on the quantum data that consumes gas in the zinc refining process and some new forecasting technique, a combined forecast model of index and gray theory regression was established.

*** The fundamental “Hamilton-Cayley” theorem in the theory of matrices, which he established, appropriately recalls his name.

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