Chinese Zodiac Characteristics of the Ox


Do you believe in the Chinese horoscope? What does ox mean according to the chinese zodiac sign? How is the ox description in the Chinese zodiac sign?

Chinese Zodiac Characteristics of the Ox

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The Ox or Buffalo in the Chinese Horoscope

  • Chinese Name of the Ox or Buffalo: Niu
  • Hour of influence of the Ox or Buffalo: between 1:00 and 3:00 in the morning
  • Cardinal point of the Ox or Buffalo: North-North-East
  • Year of the Ox or Buffalo season: end of Winter
  • Month of influence of the Ox or Buffalo: January
  • Element of the Ox or Buffalo: Earth
  • Ascending: Ascending of the Ox or Buffalo
  • Appearance of the Ox or Buffalo: Yin
  • Stone of the Ox or Buffalo: Onyx
  • Planet of the Ox or Buffalo: Saturn
  • Color of Ox or Buffalo: Yellow and blue
  • Equivalent zodiac sign: Capricorn
  • Compatible with Ox or Buffalo: Rat, Snake and Rooster
  • Personality of the Ox or Buffalo
    Methodical, serious, patient, tenacious, calm, hardworking, ambitious, traditional, stable, practical, logical, stubborn, rigid, intolerant …

Characteristics of the Ox or Buffalo according to the Chinese Horoscope

The ox or buffalo represents the prosperity obtained through effort, tenacity and work. It reflects the characteristics of the animal that represents “the Ox”; patient, tireless at work, able to carry large responsibilities on their backs without raising a complaint. His organization and determination in clear and precise goals, make him an unstoppable force that goes with obstinacy towards his objectives, avoiding complications and maintaining the internal balance faithful to his ambitious goals.

The Ox or Buffalo is an innate leader, needs a work environment in harmony and tranquility to develop its true potential; He has a logical and systematic mind, little talk, but extremely intelligent, and when asked is often clear and eloquent. Quite individualistic and lonely with strong moral and spiritual principles. His practicality and independence makes him look bored, lacking creative imagination and fantasy; what you see is what it is. He does not like discussions and if any of his attitudes or words can cause them, he will give in to avoid them; tense environments destabilize you, struggle to find the harmony, security and tranquility you need to be able to work.

People ruled by the Ox or Buffalo are humanitarian, altruistic, with great common sense and with their feet firmly on the ground. Faced with unforeseen events and changes, they are disoriented. Their greatest concern is obtaining emotional, spiritual, and material security and stability. The idea of ​​living with debts upsets your nerves, risks are not your strong point either, you must have each aspect perfectly studied to take risks in some aspect of your life.

He is appreciated for his seriousness, tranquility and modesty, of fixed ideas whenever he starts something he carries it to the end. You get your achievements with slow but steady action; hard worker, not very competitive; he will be valued for his companionship, honesty and loyalty. The word of a Buffalo is worth more than any paper, if he gave his word he will keep it to the letter. That’s why when an Ox or Buffalo says yes, his commitment is authentic.


As for the advice, he listens attentively to all positions, although finally his practicality will lead him to do what his reason dictates. In romantic relationships they are jealous and possessive; they need to feel loved and appreciated; they demand fidelity because they are. They show their feelings with love and sweetness; they can be very sensual and passionate.

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