Chinese Zodiac Characteristics of the Monkey


Do you believe in the Chinese horoscope? What does monkey mean according to the chinese zodiac sign? How is the monkey description in the Chinese zodiac sign?

Chinese Zodiac Characteristics of the Monkey

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The Monkey of the Chinese Horoscope

  • Chinese Name of the Monkey: Hou
  • Monkey’s influence time: between 3:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.
  • Year of the Monkey Season: Autumn
  • Month of influence of the Monkey: August
  • Element of the Monkey: Metal
  • Ascending: Monkey Ascending
  • Aspect of the Monkey: yang
  • Stone of the Monkey: Esmeralda
  • Planet of the Monkey: Venus
  • Color of the Monkey: White and violet
  • Equivalent zodiac sign: Leo
  • Compatible with the Monkey: The Rat, the Dragon and the Rooster
  • Personality of the Monkey: Intelligent, ingenious, versatile, noble, generous and independent, in its rougher side can be cynical, restless, unfaithful, fickle …

Characteristics of the Monkey according to the Chinese Horoscope

Versatile and mischievous, we find him playing professions such as actors, researchers, creatives or inventors. He has great talents, an agile and intelligent mind, his creative nature and exciting curiosity make him great geniuses of improvisation. He captures what happens around him with speed, ease of speech, can express himself with audacity and surprise with his inspiring outings. Effective and practical when putting into action the biggest projects. He has a very bad time when they ignore him, overcome him or contradict him, he can become enraged by it and fill his heart with rancor; his inner insecurity manifests itself in an authentic superiority complex, where he will achieve whatever he wants. Monkeys wake up mixed feelings, you can see them as witty and funny or cynical and lacking in morals; both sides of the same animal.

For the Monkey life is a game where there is fun, activity and encouragement, has qualities to have fun and have fun with your friends. They are a good ear to listen and their curiosity leads them to be informed in different areas, sometimes they show boasters trying to impress with how much they know. Sudden achievements can ruin the monkey, taking away its arrogant and arrogant nature.

It feels stable in continuous movement and with constant stimulation. Despite his incredible versatility, intelligence, curiosity and creativity, he is also seen as a calculating, deceitful and distrustful animal. The Monkey does not care about the feelings of others, just looking to have fun and have fun, although many see his attitude as annoying, offensive and rude. In the field of love, they know how to seduce with beautiful words, but it is hard for them to fall in love, because they are above all of themselves. Of passing passions, he is never satisfied, he should go more with the truth and be clear that he only wants an adventure; impossible to commit due to its instability and inconstancy.


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