Use By in a Sentence & How to use “By” in a sentence


Use By in a sentence. How to use the word By in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word By. Sentence for By.

Use By in a Sentence - How to use "By" in a sentence


Definition of By

  1. prep. Next to; near.
  2. adv. At hand; near.
  3. prep. Past and beyond.
  4. adv. Past
  5. prep. By way of; through.
  6. prep. In the course of; during.
  7. prep. According to a standard or fixed rate
  8. prep. Not later than
  9. prep. After
  10. prep. Through the work of
  11. prep. Regarding; for.
  12. prep. According to
  13. prep. In accordance with.
  14. prep. In multiplication with.
  15. prep. In or to the amount of
  16. adv. Aside, apart.

Examples of By in a sentence

  1. The tree by the river.
  2. Stay close by!
  3. His technique of dating events by rings in aged wood also proved useful in determining the dates of archaeological sites.
  4. There is evidence that Lincoln was deeply moved by her death.
  5. Is the IVF laboratory accredited by the College of American Pathologists or by the Joint Commission?
  6. It is governed by a council and city manager.
  7.  It is 17 miles (27 km) wide, and is used by shipping between the Indian Ocean and the Suez Canal.
  8. By 1958, Egypt had become the world’s ninth-largest importer of wheat.
  9. A shadow fell across him, and he saw Michael standing silently by his side.
  10. Euphorbus was the son of Panthous and was killed by Menelaus, king of Sparta.
  11. Madame de Pompadour, mistress of King Louis XV of France, was painted by François Boucher.
  12. By the century’s end, their struggle had boiled over in the epochal Napoleonic Wars.
  13. Giant Potholes were eroded from limestone by a stream’s rushing waters in Maligne Canyon, Alberta.
  14. But by 1700, although China had no rival for might and splendor, the Ottoman Turkish empire had passed its peak, the Mughuls in India had over extended their power, and Japan had entered a period of isolation.
  15. Abacus subtraction is performed by moving beads down each wire.
  16. Abacus addition is performed by moving beads up the wires.
  17. Grand Canyon in Arizona, carved by the Colorado River, dramatically shows the eroding power of water.
  18. Modern safes can be protected by sophisticated alarm systems.
  19. University of St Andrews founded by a group of scholars, who obtained a charter from Bishop Henry Wardlaw in 1412, it is the oldest Scottish university. Women were admitted in 1892.
  20. Another protective measure is the use of a relocking mechanism that automatically throws two or three emergency bolts into action when the lock of a safe is jarred by cutting tools or explosives.
  21. Sometimes the basic money safe is enclosed in a reinforced-concrete block that has a steel cladding, which discourages removal of the safe by burglars and greatly increases the safe’s resistance to drills, sledges, explosives, and metal-cutting torches.
  22. Anna Karenina, by Leo Tolstoy, Russia’s greatest novelist, was made into a classic motion picture in 1935, with Greta Garbo as the doomed heroine and Fredric March as her lover Count Vronsky.
  23. Palace in Pavlovsk, built for Catherine the Great by Charles Cameron in neoclassical style.
  24. Once your account is all set up, why not start by uploading a video or creating a playlist of your favorite videos?
  25. A record safe is designed primarily to ensure that valuables will not be destroyed by fire.
  26. By renewing your domains through, you agree with our General Terms and Conditions.
  27. Sacred College of Cardinals, the body of churchmen in the Roman Catholic Church who elect the pope and administer the offices of the Roman Curia. They are named by the pope and must be bishops.
  28. We as primary school intend to make a comenius project on the topic of social gender an identify it by drama.
  29. The aim is to show pupils how effective culture and also society forming the role of woman and man. By this project, pupils will be aware of social gender effects on their life from their games, clothes, occupations etc.. to their utterances, behaviours and characters.
  30. Sacramentals are objects, prayers, and rites that are a source of spiritual blessing when used by the faithful in a proper way.
  31. According to Roman Catholic theology sacramentals are like sacraments in that they are signs of a spiritual reality, but they differ from them in that sacramentals are instituted by the church rather than by Christ.
  32. Religious objects blessed by a priest, such as rosaries, crucifixes, holy water, and images of Christ, the Blessed Virgin, or the saints, are sacramentals, as are various actions, such as the sign of the cross.
  33. Sabelli, was the name given by the Romans to the peoples of ancient Italy who spoke Oscan. This designation included a number of groups with little political unity.
  34. Papal nuncios and delegates, accredited to civil governments and national churches, are supervised by this secretariat.
  35. The republic is bounded on the north by the seas of the Arctic Ocean and on the east by seas of the Pacific Ocean.
  36. Though some technical changes will come into effect, however, from the applicant’s end it will not be an issue if the case handled by a Registered Australian Migration Lawyer.

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