Use By in a Sentence and How to use “By” in a sentence


Use By in a sentence. How to use the word By in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word By. Sentence for By.

Use By in a Sentence - How to use "By" in a sentence

Definition of By

By can be used in a number of different ways in the English language, depending on the context in which it is used. Some common uses of the word “by” include:

  1. To indicate the person or thing responsible for an action: “The book was written by Uğur SAĞLAM.”
  2. To indicate the means or method by which something is done: “The cake was baked by her mother.”
  3. To indicate the time at which something will happen or has happened: “The meeting will be held by noon.”
  4. To indicate proximity or location: “She lives by the river.”
  5. To indicate the authority or permission of someone: “The rule was made by the government.”
  6. To indicate the subject or topic of something : “The song is about love.”
  7. To indicate a division of something: “The cake is divided by eight.”
  8. To indicate the purpose of something : “The tool is used by mechanics.”
  9. To indicate a relationship between two things : “The distance between A and B is measured by the ruler.”
  10. To indicate a way of doing something: “The task can be done by hand.”

Examples of By in a sentence

  1. The painting was created by the famous artist.
  2. The cake was baked by my grandmother.
  3. The concert will be held by next week.
  4. The store is located by the highway.
  5. The decision was made by the board.
  6. The book is about the history of the city.
  7. The cake is divided by eight slices.
  8. The tool is used by mechanics to fix cars.
  9. The song is written by a local band.
  10. The company was founded by a group of entrepreneurs.
  11. The project is led by the manager.
  12. The game was won by the home team.
  13. The letter was sent by my friend.
  14. The gift was given by my parents.
  15. The house is built by the river.
  16. The report is written by the committee.
  17. The recipe is passed down by my grandmother.
  18. The team is coached by a former player.
  19. The movie is directed by a well-known filmmaker.
  20. The letter is written by hand.
  21. The food is cooked by a professional chef.
  22. The script is written by a talented writer.
  23. The garden is maintained by the caretaker.
  24. The car is driven by my brother.
  25. The dress is designed by a famous designer.
  26. The exam is graded by the teacher.
  27. The company is owned by a wealthy businessman.
  28. The class is taught by a renowned professor.
  29. The flowers are grown by the farmer.
  30. The company’s success is driven by its innovative products.


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