Use Ate in a Sentence and How to use “Ate” in a sentence


Use Ate in a sentence. How to use the word Ate in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Ate. Sentence for Ate.

Use Ate in a Sentence - How to use "Ate" in a sentence


Definition of Ate

Ate” is the past tense of the verb “eat.” It is used to indicate that an action of consuming food or drink has already been completed. For example, “I ate breakfast this morning” means that the action of eating breakfast has already taken place.

Examples of Ate in a sentence

  1. I ate a sandwich for lunch.
  2. She ate an apple before her workout.
  3. He ate too much and felt sick.
  4. They ate at a fancy restaurant last night.
  5. We ate pizza for dinner.
  6. I’ve already ate, thank you.
  7. He ate a lot, but still felt hungry.
  8. She ate her vegetables, but not her dessert.
  9. They ate a hearty breakfast before their hike.
  10. We ate a quick lunch at a food truck.
  11. I ate a salad, but it didn’t fill me up.
  12. She ate a sandwich on her break.
  13. He ate a burrito for his lunch.
  14. They ate a late dinner after their concert.
  15. We ate a lot of food at the party.
  16. I ate a slice of cake for breakfast.
  17. He ate a bowl of cereal before heading to work.
  18. She ate a sandwich and some chips for lunch.
  19. They ate a lot of sushi at the restaurant.
  20. We ate a lot of different foods at the buffet.
  21. I ate a lot of candy when I was a kid.
  22. He ate a lot of fast food when he was in college.
  23. She ate a lot of ice cream when she was pregnant.
  24. They ate a lot of seafood on their vacation.
  25. We ate a lot of fruits and vegetables during our detox.
  26. I ate a hotdog at the baseball game.
  27. She ate a quesadilla for dinner.
  28. He ate a bowl of ramen for lunch.
  29. They ate a lot of street food while traveling.
  30. We ate a lot of different kinds of meat on our camping trip.
  31. I ate a veggie burger for the first time.
  32. She ate a pulled pork sandwich at the BBQ festival.
  33. He ate a slice of watermelon on a hot summer day.
  34. They ate a lot of Chinese food on their trip to Beijing.
  35. We ate a lot of seafood on our trip to the coast.

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