Features and Importance of Ramadan Feast, Explanation with Verses and Hadiths


What is Ramadan holiday? Why is Ramadan holiday important, why is it celebrated, what are its features, information about.


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Feast of Ramadan;¬†The entire Islamic world.¬†Since the second year of Muhammad’s migration from Mecca to Medina, the first of the two holy festivals celebrated as days of joy, joy, heartfelt and heartfelt condolences is¬†Ramadan¬†, and the second is¬†Eid¬†-al-Adha .¬†The fact that these two religious festivals are celebrated this year, in the year 1401 of the Migration, has a different meaning and importance.¬†The most beloved servant of Allah and the last messenger of the book, Hz.¬†How could Muhammad Mustafa (SAS) have spread the light of Islam from horizon to horizon, amid new difficulties and dangers, who knows what the outcome would be, had it not been for that tremendous event?

True, Allahu Ta’ala would undoubtedly protect him again, and the Qur’an would remain on the earth as “protected” “until the Day of Judgment”, and Islam would again conquer the continents.¬†But the Prophet’s Hijra was destined;¬†The religion of Islam would triumph more easily than Medina, establish a new state and give the first written example of the world’s Constitution, and destroy the idols in Mecca, the Kaaba, which it conquered before the eyes of the idolaters.¬†And in the second year of the Hijra, there would be two beautiful and joyful holidays for Muslims as well…

The religious and social meanings of these three blessed days, which¬†we call Ramadan or the Feast of Sugar, whose Arabic is ”¬†id al-Fitr “, are very sacred.¬†On the one hand, the enormous Islamic community, which fulfills its one-month fasting duty, enjoys the most delicious taste of spiritual happiness by fulfilling one of the five basic pillars of Islam, on the other hand, it does great good by giving their zakat, fitra and alms to the hands of the poor and making many poor people happy and making a social contribution. They are happy to work.

These are the days that will compete in making the low-income, the sick, the miserable at home and those living with limited means happy. These days are not just days of dressing our own children and taking care of our relatives. Yes, of course, it is the right time to think about them as well, and to reach out to our parents, siblings, relatives and enemies -if necessary-. But these are the days when we will think of our poor neighbors and come to the aid of the needy, whose condition we know, if we can afford it. The meaning and importance of the holiday is evaluated to the extent that we understand religious and humanitarian duties well and do what is necessary for them.

In the Qur’an, Allah Almighty promises, “Al-A’la Surah” (Holiday Day) who performs prayers by being purified and commemorating the name of his Lord will certainly attain happiness and what he hopes for.

Undoubtedly, prayer is a fard ayn that must be fulfilled for every day.¬†However, the Glory of the Eid Day was exalted here, and Allahu Ta’ala also stood on His servants who purified and performed the Eid Prayer on that day.¬†The success and happiness to be achieved will be both material and spiritual.¬†Good news shines brightly in the verses for this world and for the hereafter.

Our Prophet, the Master of the Universe, Hz. At the same time, the Prophet Muhammad (SAS) Feast is regarded as a social aid institution, a means of meeting, making love and reunion, a time to dress and purify well, and a reason to rejoice and make others happy. He also suggested to his ummah that he loved and would not spare his intercession on the Day of Judgment.

In some of the main hadith books, the words of the Prophet that strengthen what we have said are not missing. According to what is reported from Abdullah bin Abbas, Hz. In the sermon, in which he made a donation after an Eid prayer, the Prophet commanded them to give alms, help the army, and do good deeds when they could.

Even this hadith alone is enough to remind us what a beautiful and religious duty it is to help individuals or communities, including charities, on Eid days. Considering the national and humanitarian aspects of this religious duty, it may not even be necessary to advise how valuable it is to take advantage of these opportunities.

Ramadan Messages for Employees ‚Äď Happy Ramadan Wishes, Greetings

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The best example of life for Muslims and must always be followed:

Of course, Hz.¬†To follow Mohammed.¬†Our Prophet used to take care to wear his newest clothes while going to the Eid Prayer.¬†It also smelled good.¬†At that time – and it would be good if he had the opportunity – all the people of Medina would gather in one place and go to ”¬†Musalla”¬†so that they would not be deprived of the honor of listening to the Prophet .¬†In other words, they would gather in a very large place in the open air so that an enormous crowd could pray.¬†After leading the Eid Prayer, the Prophet would deliver two sermons, one after the other and with little intervals.

They also expressed the importance of the day, religious, social and economic needs. On their way back to their House of Bliss, they would change their way and return by a different route. Thus, they would probably have made it easier for the people to celebrate their holidays. Instead of those who saw them on the way back, this time on the way back, other people could have the happiness of seeing their blessed faces. He would accept congratulations cheerfully and with a smile. 

Hz. Muhammad  is also not unknown that Muhammad was more tolerant in terms of some entertainments on the feast days. Some of the games that he tolerates playing tambourines, which are similar to wrestling or in the character of a comedy -even his beloved wives Hz. Sources also write about what she watched with our mother Aisha.


Holiday days are not only days of visiting friends and relatives. Sending congratulations and feasting is also a good thing. However, reconciling the resentful ones, forgetting the grudges, reaching out to the hand that can give are among the important duties that should not be forgotten.

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