Robust Sun Beetle (Phyllophaga spp.) Characteristics, Taxonomy and Systematic Information


What kind of animal is the Robust Sun Beetle (Phyllophaga spp.)? General physical features, habitats, pests, taxonomy and systematic information.

Robust Sun Beetle (Phyllophaga spp.)

Robust sun beetle, Phyllophaga spp. It is an insect species. This insect species includes numerous subspecies and is common in North America, South America and Europe. Robust sun beetles feed on the leaves and bark of soil structures, usually found in sunny open areas.

Robust sun beetles can be very large as females and can be about 5-7 cm long. Their bodies are usually brown, black or yellow in color and contain numerous feathers. Robust sun beetles fly outdoors at night and work on bright objects.

Robust sun beetles can be numerous during mating seasons, and males may fly in search of females during the mating season. Females lay their eggs in soil structures and these eggs are embedded in the trunks of trees or plants. Juveniles grow by feeding in the soil, and after becoming adults, they feed by eating the leaves and bark of trees or plants found outdoors.


Robust sun beetles are generally not harmful, and the flights that occur during the mating season can be disturbed by humans. However, in some cases they can cause damage by eating the leaves and bark of trees and plants. Therefore, vigorous sun beetles should be controlled and their damage should be prevented.

Taxonomy and Systematics

Robust sun beetle (Phyllophaga spp.) belongs to the Scarabaeidae family from the Coleoptera family in terms of taxonomy and systematics. This family includes insect species commonly found throughout the world.

Robust sun beetles are classified in the Kingdom (C Kingdom), Phylum (Arthropoda), Class (Insecta), Order (Coleoptera), Family (Scarabaeidae) and Genus (Phyllophaga) levels in the taxonomic classification stage. The full taxonomic classification of this species is as follows:

Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Arthropoda Class: Insecta Order: Coleoptera Family: Scarabaeidae Genus: Phyllophaga Species: Phyllophaga spp.

Robust sun beetles are systematically classified based on similarities and differences between species. This classification is based on the morphological or molecular characteristics of insects and determines affinities between species. Systematic classification helps to understand the evolutionary histories and relationships of insect species and provides information about species’ biodiversity and ecosystem duties.

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