Emotional Effects of War on Soldiers


The soldiers are in the sincere service of the nation. Does war affect your mood? How do wars affect your emotions? Read on to learn about the emotional effects of war on soldiers.

Franco-Prussian War

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The poet briefly describes the mood of a soldier returning from a war. War is a manifestation of death and destruction. It is an exhibition of all the negativities of life. A war is the result of lack of peace and ends by not leaving anyone happy. The wars deeply impact all the nations involved in it. They affect the economy of nations and the lives of their citizens. If a war can seriously affect countries at war, it will surely have a serious impact on those who are on the front lines during wartime.

Surely it will severely affect the true warriors, the soldiers who risk their lives to protect their homeland. Wars not only affect the lives of soldiers but also have serious emotional effects on soldiers of war. Wars awaken their emotions; they affect their lives and impact their moods.

How wars affect soldiers

It often happens that soldiers have to physically injure or kill their opposing soldiers. Circumstances force them to end someone’s life. This act of them brings a deep sadness. It is true that the soldiers confront their enemy nation, which is supposed to destroy the hostile forces, but, after all, the enemies are human. Although it is an opposite nation, they are, after all, human beings from regions on the other side of the border. Witnessing deaths becomes an almost daily incident for soldiers at war. They must also endure the pain of suffering and death of their peers. Such situations definitely have a depressing effect on the soldiers. Death is meant to annoy the soldiers and deprive them of peace of mind.

While surrounded by sadness, soldiers often remember their happy days, their years in school and college. Memories of happier days become painful. In addition, they are far from their home and their families. The memories of their loved ones afflict their hearts. Soldiers often feel the need to reach out to those closest to them and share their pain with them, but their duty to their nation deprives them of these opportunities. While they protect the borders of the country day and night, while they are far from their near beings, they are deprived of all the small joys of their family. There is no certainty that they will return home whenever they wish; They are not sure if they can be with their families when their families need them. The deaths that the soldiers face, the suffering they witness closely add to their emotional crisis.

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This constant emotional struggle results in severe mental stress. The rippling emotions that soldiers must go through cause great mental strain. Reportedly, many soldiers suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. Posttraumatic disorder is characterized by symptoms such as nightmares; feelings of detachment, irritability, insomnia and difficulty concentrating. Your nostalgia can lead to intense feelings of loneliness. Their trauma brings them mental insecurity. Violence, injuries and heavy destructions result in anguish.

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