Always (or Often) Dreaming of the Same Person: Meaning Explained


Explore the possible meanings behind recurring dreams of the same person. Discover potential interpretations and insights into why you may dream of the same person frequently in your dreams. Gain a deeper understanding of the psychological, emotional, and symbolic significance of dreaming about the same person repeatedly.

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Sometimes it happens that a dream becomes an obsession and the same person comes to visit us regularly on our nightly trips. It can be a relative, a past love, a movie actor from our favorite movie….

But how to interpret this dream?

A father, a mother, a friend, a movie star or even a complete stranger? Whoever it is, this person appears regularly in your dreams and this disturbs you when you wake up. The question is recurrent: Why did I dream about him/her again? In this type of recurring dream, your unconscious is trying to convey a message to you. Be alert to the signs…

For S. Freud, dreaming regularly about the same person is equivalent to dreaming about oneself. We seek to find out who we really are and how others perceive us through the prism of another person.

For C.G. Jung, this dream indicates to the dreamer that he may need another way of acting, of doing things in his day-to-day life, of making changes. Thus, the person we dream about may indicate a direction to follow, but may also bring us a revelation. The interpretation varies according to the context of the dream.


Dreaming about the same person, a dream that becomes an obsession

Usual script

The person who appears repeatedly in our dreams may take many forms or be dressed in different ways or even assume multiple identities, but we always know it is her! She may also present herself in a simple and perfectly identifiable way. Likewise, she may carry a message and deliver it each time, as if the unconscious is insisting to make sure that the dreamer finally understands the meaning of what is trying to be conveyed.

Variants of this dream

This type of dream is not only limited to dreaming about a person repeatedly but also occurs when dreaming about the same place, the same animal, the same object, the same movie etc.

Meaning of the dream

– Freudian interpretation

According to the Freudian approach to dream interpretation, dreaming always about the same person means dreaming about oneself. This type of dream has a profound narcissistic function. It does not mean that we see ourselves, but that we do so through another person, to try to understand who we are, how others see us and, above all, how desire, our own and that of others, is organized. It is an archaic question about how the child assumes and questions the parental gaze.

– Jungian interpretation

For Jungians, the recurring dream in which the same person appears is linked to a message that the unconscious is trying to convey. The person who returns again and again to the dreamer’s dream universe may either have an archetypal dimension, heralding a transition to another form of self-consciousness, or it indicates to the dreamer that he must change his way of acting or something to change about himself that must be considered without fail.

It should be noted that this signal from the unconscious to the conscious is the one found in some tales or legends where the recurring character can be either a human being or an animal endowed with speech (the rabbit in “Alice in Wonderland”, for example). In general, this character indicates a direction to follow, conveys a revelation or imposes a test. In all cases, the hero or heroine emerges with a heightened self-awareness.


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