Do the names Elias Howe or Isaac Singer mean something to you?

If you’ve ever taken a Home Ec course (or even worn clothes, for that matter) you should: those two gentlemen are credited with inventing the modern sewing machine. While the wheel, phone, and personal computer get much of the glory for changing the way humans live, the sewing machine is an unknown hero. Without it, however, we would still be squinting to sew needles and sewing our shirts and suits by hand. Whether you want a simple set of shades to block the bright sun, or you’re just not satisfied shopping on the shelf, sewing machines are useful devices that deserve praise. Dream of personalized couture and celebrate National Sewing Machine Day this June 13.


What is National Sewing Machine Day (June 13) and Activities


Sew something for charity

There are people who don’t have enough clothes to put on, shelter animals who need comfortable, warm blankets for their boxes, and children who would love a handmade stuffed animal to snuggle up for the night. So why not use your skills well and sew something that will be truly appreciated?

Connect with your fellow artisans

One of the best parts of practicing a hobby like sewing is the camaraderie that can result. If your sewing machine is portable, head to a local fabric store or a friend’s house and sew with others. Or you can brainstorm, request solutions, and showcase your work on one of the many crafting websites or forums.

Get inspired by your TV

Give your sewing machine a free afternoon and tune in to the “Great British Sewing Bee”, a spin-off of the popular “Great British Baking,” which aired between 2013 and 2016. Featuring a pattern challenge, an alteration challenge And As a tailor-made challenge, the reality show is sure to spark your creativity. Like a more sarcastic smidgen at your shows? There is also the “Project Runway”, which has been strutting for over a decade. Those are many opportunities to “make it work,” in the words of star Tim Gunn.

What is National Sewing Machine Day (June 13) and Activities


Sewing exercises our creativity

Have you been in a fabric store lately? It’s no longer just about sticky old polyester. Want a woolen pajamas printed with playful cartoon otters? Curtains with alternate panels of chartreuse slat and crushed cherry velvet? If you have a sewing machine, you can create almost any type of clothing or home decor.

Sewing connects us to our heritage

Maybe you remember your mother sewing clothes, or your grandmother. Even if not, someone you know probably spent a lot of time sitting at a sewing machine. It can be easy to forget, on this $ 10 t-shirt day, that there was a time when providing clothing for the family was a labor-intensive effort, one that was made much easier with the advent of the sewing machine.

Sewing is a relaxing but productive hobby

Like other household activities that are undergoing a renaissance: knitting, baking from scratch, brewing home brewed, sewing is not only a pleasant hobby, but one that produces rewarding results. While it may take a little learning curve if you don’t know how to sew yet, the end result will be practical, beautiful, or both. You can’t say that about mastering the next level of “Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare”.


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