What is National Be Nice Day and Activities (October 5)


Every year on October 5, people come together to celebrate National Be Nice Day.

It is obvious that we should be kind every day, but unfortunately, in this complicated world, that is a difficult goal to achieve on a daily basis.¬†Fortunately, there is a special day when we can fully focus on kindness to others, something that we return as a personal benefit. Big or small, any act of kindness is something to celebrate. National Be Nice Day encourages us to make someone else’s life a little happier. Commit to walking in the light of positivity throughout the day.


What is National Be Nice Day and Activities (October 5)


October 20, 2000: “Pay it Forward” is published
“Pay It Forward” debuted, encouraging random acts of kindness everywhere.

1981 – International Day of Peace
The UN proposed the first International Day of Peace, which serves as a time when everyone on the planet can commit to working for peace.


1963 – The first smiley face
Harvey Ross Ball is believed to have come up with the first smiley face design as a way to boost employee morale.

1258 a. C. – First peace treaty
The Treaty of Kadesh became the first peace treaty ever negotiated.


Hug a friend
We don’t think you need an excuse to hug a friend, but National Be Nice Day is definitely the right time to show someone close to you how much you care. So, go out there and find a friend who needs a warm hug!

Spread the word
There is probably a good chance that you will be using some form of social media on October 5. Why not mention National Be Nice Day? Raising awareness about this special day will help increase awareness of how to stay positive and the day opens the “taps of goodness” for good feelings to flow out into the world.

Invite your friends to dinner
If you’re looking for a way to be nice to your friends, offer to cook them a meal. It’s great to get together with close friends, and they will certainly appreciate your time and effort just to make them happy!

What is National Be Nice Day and Activities (October 5)


Top 5 reasons to smile at a stranger

Being nice feels good
Research has found that being kind to others releases the wellness hormone, serotonin.

It is healthy for the heart
Spreading joy releases the hormone oxytocin, which is known to help lower blood pressure.

Say goodbye to stress
Showing kindness to others helps build relationships, which in turn helps reduce stress.

Hey, good looking
Research has found that the nicest people are often perceived as more attractive.

Fewer sick days
Being kind to others helps reduce inflammation, which in turn helps lower your chances of contracting some diseases.


Encourage random acts of kindness
Have you ever waited in line at a coffee shop only to find that the stranger in front of you pre-paid for your drink? Or maybe you’ve seen someone buy someone else’s food. On National Be Nice Day, be sure to do a random act of kindness; chances are high that your good deed will be rewarded.

What is National Be Nice Day and Activities (October 5)

It is a great reminder that there is good in the world.
It often feels like we are constantly bombarded with bad / sad news on television and the internet. National Be Nice Day is a great reminder that tons of good things are happening around the world, even if we don’t always see them.

Makes us feel good
Being nice to people feels good, plain and simple. By making someone’s day a little brighter, we guarantee that, at the end of the day, you will feel good about yourself!


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