What Does Wave Mean In A Dream? Dreams About Giant Waves, Tidal Waves


What does it mean if you dream about waves? What does tidal wave, giant wave mean in a dream? Meaning of wave knocking you down, weak wave and their interpretations.

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Wave Dream Meanings

Dreaming of a tidal wave can indicate great periods of confusion in your life. Thanks to the challenges that you will face, you will enter a very strong tide of anxiety and anguish. As a result, the continual evolution of these feelings can prevent you from producing and making decisions.

As soon as you dream of tidal waves on your way, try to study your feelings about yourself and others. If you let negativity stay with you, you will surely become stagnant and hostage to problems. Therefore, feed your patience and try to be empathic with others.

Dreaming of waves and the destruction it causes

Dreaming of a tidal wave causing destruction is a clear sign of difficulties in the future. The problems will directly correspond to the size of the wave in your dream. In short, it is a warning to prepare to face adversity firmly and confidently.

Even if you can’t avoid the situation, you can use sleep to work to reduce any damage. This includes emotional, social, financial and personal aspects. Still, it will be a time where you can take a lesson from the moment.


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Dreaming of a weak wave

Surely you must already dream of a huge wave, but one that does not cause so much damage. If the answer is yes, please note that this is a warning sign. Your professional and personal life can go through problems very soon.

Therefore, make an effort to study the events that have come to you. The message here is that not everything matches your appearance. In the same way that a big wave seems to be destructive, which it is not, these problems can take a bigger shape than they deserve.

Dream of tidal waves and deaths

The moment you dream of a tidal wave and death, be ready for challenges. Dreaming of a tidal wave and this type of outcome reveals that there may be pain and a lot of suffering with you or someone close to you.

Dreaming big waves and doing nothing

Dreaming of a tidal wave that is carrying you indicates how submissive you are being in relation to your life. You have become a hostage to the situations that hit you and you have simply accepted the path that forces you.


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Dream of a big wave in a pool

This type of dream corresponds directly to what it seems to be: confusion or misunderstanding of some situations. You can sometimes get messed up and misunderstood. The reverse path can also occur, so you can be confused with the speech of others.

So be careful when choosing your words in a particular setting. For example, your work or your relationships, which can generate friction and conflict. Think twice, three or four times before going ahead with any choice.

Dream that the wave knocks you down

When you dream of giant waves knocking you over, be prepared. In general, these are intense changes that will deeply affect the moment you live. Like the storm at sea, you will feel it through your anxiety and apprehension.


However, do not think that this will harm you on any level. It can be seen that these are positive changes with very aggregate results. Relax, avoid the euphoria and work on your patience while that time is not enough.

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