What Does Fig Mean in a Dream? Dreams About Eating Figs Meanings


What does it mean to see figs in a dream? What does it mean to eat figs, see green or black figs in the dream? Meanings and interpretations of fig dreams.

fig dream

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Dreams About Fig

The first thing we should point out is that no dream is negative, as they are warning signs about something that is going to change or happen. Therefore, dreams with figs are a simple warning for us to be careful with the attacks of our enemies.

To dream of a fig indicates the need to be more careful with other people’s attacks, as they are beginning to affect you seriously. You have to seek protection, in one way or another, in order to defend yourself from all the attacks of your enemies.

The fig represents protection against evil, since when people make the fig gesture, they are trying to keep the attacks of enemies from reaching them. Therefore, the dream is a warning for you to make the fig more often. You have to choose between fighting and trying to survive all those attacks or trying to remain unnoticed by them.

Our advice is to get a fig-shaped pendant and wear it to protect yourself, or else protect yourself with baths, prayers or simply asking God.


Do not take the dream as something bad, but as something good, because of the warning it brings you. The best advice we can give you is to be careful with the people around you, as some people only wish you harm, even if it doesn’t seem so. That is the only thing you need to worry about.

Eating Figs in a Dream

Eating figs generally means starting a new job. To see eating figs without cleaning them in the dream may indicate that your work will not show continuity. Cleaning the fig and then eating it means that your work will show continuity.

To see that you eat a small amount of figs in the dream, it is ruled that you will earn money without difficulty and without worry. Sometimes, seeing figs in the dream is interpreted as gaining good deeds by engaging in good deeds.


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If a person sees in his dream that he collects and eats figs in season, it is considered a sign that he will earn money from the property. If he sees such a dream out of season, it is interpreted in the opposite way.

Buying and Selling Figs in a Dream

Seeing figs in the dream is interpreted to close friendships. It indicates that you have good friends and you will make new good friends. Collecting figs means that very good days await you in front of you. To see selling figs in the dream shows that the good deeds you do will give you happiness. The person who sells figs does good deeds and becomes a good person for his environment.

To See Fig Jam in the Dream

Seeing fig jam in the dream usually indicates good and good fortune. Dreams about figs are interpreted for good if the fig is sweet. Eating fig jam with a spoon in the dream is a good news that will reach immediately, and eating it on bread is a sign of tasting the blessings of the world and being happy in the world. Red fig jam in the dream means a love affair that will happen to you soon. The person who sees this dream gets married if he is single. Because according to scholars, such a dream indicates events such as marriage, marriage and engagement. Seeing and eating a green fig jam in the dream signifies happiness in the world and the hereafter. Green fig jam is a sign of inner peace, a year that will pass without problems in your family life and will be in abundance and abundance.


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