What Does Child Mean in a Dream? Meaning of Dreams About Children (Kids)


What does it mean to see a child in a dream? With the psychological explanation of seeing a child in a dream, what does it mean to see a child in your arms, to see a child playing and to see a punished child?

What Does Child Mean in a Dream? Meaning of Dreams About Children (Kids)

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Dreaming of a child is usually a sign of good things. As an omen, the paths, in the near or distant future, are quite optimistic to go forward. As a message from the unconscious , it has the same positive line about the present. This is because the figure in question represents ingenuity, purity, creativity , hope and light. Anyway, this symbology is present even when our mind tries to warn us about something.

Therefore, this figure among the best dreams. But it is important to point out that, like every interpretation, the theme also has a not-so-good side. Although dreaming about a child has very prosperous symbologies, the meaning can vary from person to person. Personal experiences, values, scene details, waking up sensation and other details make the difference to understand the whole context.

What does it mean to dream of a child?

Dreaming about a child has a lot to do with our habits, characteristics, ideas and values. There is also a direct relationship with expressed or repressed feelings, immaturity or development, strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, it is an element that shows a lot about us in different aspects of life. Such complexity highlights the importance of unraveling the messages that come to us while we sleep.


There are several points of view that explain what it means to dream about a child. In one of the studies, the element in question is nothing more than your inner self. That is, it is the child that lives inside you – the one we carry even in adult life. Under this gaze, all her vulnerability, purity, desires and maturity are represented there. In this way, the interpretation is made according to the actions and sensations that occur during and after sleep. The dreamer’s experiences must also be considered.


Surprisingly, dreaming about a child is much more revealing than you might think! According to psychiatrist Carl Jung, understanding dreams leads to better self-knowledge. During sleep, the brain processes all the events of the day, learning, knowledge and emotions, among other things. That is, the unconscious brings up events that we keep and are not even aware of. Often, they are only understood in this exercise of analyzing what it means to dream about a child.


Dreaming about a child or dreaming about a baby can also have a meaning that transcends science. From a spiritual point of view, it is believed that dreaming of children can be an encounter with children outside the earth plane. From this point of view, they can be people who, even before experiencing motherhood or fatherhood, get some kind of contact with their descendant. It is a kind of preparation to resolve possible past life frictions in this new journey.

Still in the field of spirituality, a dream about a child means contact with people who are no longer here. It could be a family member or loved one manifesting under this figure. There are those who define them as angels. The fact is that the child has always been present in the history of humanity, traditions, religions, rituals and mythology. Although there are several aspects, all have development and evolution as a symbol. This leads the interpretation to either an omen, a warning, or an inherent need for growth.

Check out some meanings of dreaming about children

Dream of a child on your lap

A child on your lap in a dream indicates that you have too many responsibilities over someone else. Perhaps the individual is too dependent on you or is overloading you. Internally there is some kind of anguish or difficulty in dealing with this situation. One suggestion is to reflect on this dependence. In many cases, you have to let the other person walk on their own two feet. Or, find a balance between helping others and yourself. Another explanation suggests a lack, an emptiness or a longing for someone who is no longer here. At such times, we find ourselves with our own child seeking refuge.

Dream about children playing

Dreaming of children playing appears among the most positive dreams. It is a sign of joy, good attitudes, positive influences or that you have done something good for someone. The outlook is even better, suggesting good career winds or family happiness. If you are already in this good phase, listen to your intuition, because the paths seem to be open. For those who not only saw, but also played with the kids in the dream, the subconscious says that there is inner peace and harmony. That is, your mature self and the child within you are in balance and leading you to success.

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Dream about a punished child

Dreaming of a punished child suggests an inner “miscreation”. So, analyze how your life is lately and how you have made your decisions. This situation in a dream indicates that you are being too impulsive. The moment calls for calmer, sound mind and self-control. And this dream comes with a strong warning to think better before acting. That’s because your attitudes or behaviors can harm loved ones.


Also check out what it means to dream about a baby or dream about pregnancy . And if you want to delve deeper into the meaning of your dreams and how they reflect on your life, seek therapy with a dream interpretation specialist .

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